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15681: [NINEVEH (ANON.)] - Ancient Nineveh: A Story for the Young. With Numerous Illustrations
15682: [BIBLE] - The Parallel New Testament. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ being the Authorised Version set forth in 1611 arranged in parallel columns with the Revised Version of 1881
18184: - Along the Line in Tasmania: Book 3 - The West Coast
11946: [COLENSO, WILLIAM] - Willie's First English Book / Ko Te A-Nui A Wi. Part I.
11976: - Jubilee of the Otago Harbour Board: Dunedin - Port Chalmers New Zealand 1874 - 1924
10765: - Photograph of Albert Park, Auckland
18007: - Blade [magazine]: The World's #1 Knife Publication [3 issues from 2008]
18440: [STANFORD, EDWARD] - Stanford's Map of the British Metropolis and Suburbs.
17051: - Medicinal Plants of Nepal
17879: - Canterbury Old and New 1850-1900: A Souvenir of the Jubilee
19490: - The Waidale Story
15276: [JOHNSON, SAMUEL] - Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language. with Walker's Pronunciation of all the difficult or doubtful Words. and marks to show where to double the consonant in the participle. A Pocket Edition on Diamond Type.
16605: - The War in Retrospect: A Day-to-day Record of World War II. from Hitler's attack on Poland to the Allied Invasion of Europe.
16665: [NZ LITERARY PERIODICAL] - Echoes 2: Poetry - Prose - Art
10599: - New Zealand Rugby Annual 1932
12718: - 2. Internationale fotografiutstilling i Norge Trondelagsutstillingen, hall E Trondhjem juli 1930
12717: - Förteckning över Fotografier utställda vid Andra Internationella Fotografiska Salongen I Stockholm 19-31 Oktober 1928
12716: - Catalogue des oeuvres exposées au Salon International d'Art Photographique organisé par La Société Photographique de Dunkerque du 7 au 16 Juillet 1928 A L'Hotel de Ville de Dunkerque
18467: [SELWYN, GEORGE A.] - New Zealand. Part I. Letters from the Bishop to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel together with Extracts from his Visitation Journal, from July 1842, to January 1843.
10961: [ARAMOANA] - Aramoana Progress League. Outgoing Correspondence. Carbon Duplicate book.
18702: [BAXTER, JAMES K.; VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS] - James K Baxter 1926-1972 - A Memorial Volume
19083: [KUBASTA, VOITECH] - Snow White
18603: - Chichester's Picture Map of London
12051: - The Householders Annual of Useful Information and Directory of Selected Business Firms For Householders to do Business with [. . .] Canterbury Edition, 1912.
18009: [CAESAR, JULIUS] - Caii Julii Caesaris - Commentarii de Bello Gallico
13513: [ABRAHAM, CHARLES JOHN (ATTRIB.)] - He Whakapuaki I Nga Tikanga O Te Katikihama O Te Hahi O Ingarani. (Te Rua O Nga Wahi) [Lessons on the Church Catechism in Maori, Part Two]
13497: - Under Cook's Flag
10136: - A Souvenir From B. H. Joseph & Co. Manufacturing Goldsmiths & Jewellers
13013: - Pounding Battle: Match Report Canterbury v. South Africa played at Lancaster Park, Christchurch Saturday, 30 July 1921
19333: [NAG'S HEAD PRESS] - Bookie - A New Miscellany - Stories . Poetry. Scholarship. Typography. Printology. Art. Culture (N. Z. ) . Criticism. Special Horse-Followers' Number [Bookie No. 1]
14696: - Mornington School Diamond Jubilee Souvenir 1865 - 1925
17172: - The Repository of Modern Literature. Vol. 1.
18145: [SHERER, MOYLE (1789-1869)] - Religio Militis; or, Christianity for the Camp
15543: N, H. R. [PSEUDONYM OF JOHN JOSEPH DUNNE] - Here and There Memories
14735: - The Inflation Menace and the Moral Law
16242: [PEEBLES, DON] - Don Peebles: Drawings of the 1980s [exhibition catalogue]
18725: NORGACS1 [CARMEN NORGATE] - Poetry for the Perverted
14426: - Popeye the Pirate
11394: - Map - The Seven United Provinces
13298: - Mickey Mouse Annual
18447: - Letters from Otago 1848-1849
17526: - Federated Australia: A Rare and Elaborate Collection of Photographic Views, depicting Sceneries, Cities, Industries, and Interesting Phases of Australian Life [Second volume only] New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australiam and Tasmania
8151: - [Bound volume of religious tracts]
19369: - Locks and Builders' Hardware - Glossary, Design[,] Manufacture and History [bound with] Correspondence Course on Locks and Keys
16312: - Young Naturist. No. 4. [magazine]
7405: [COLLIER, JAMES] - The Literature Relating To New Zealand: A Bibliography
13519: - Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Tribute
13571: [BRITISH PARLIAMENTARY PAPER] - Report from the Select Committee on New Zealand; together with the minutes of evidence, appendix and index.
18655: S., G. H. [SUMPTER, GEOFFREY HUGH] - The Saga of Simkins
10252: - The Cities And Principal Towns Of The World (Volume One Only)
16099: - Catalogue of the Manuscript Maps, Charts, and Plans, and of the Topographical Drawings in the British Museum. [Two Volumes]
16164: [CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION] - Brief Information about the Canterbury Settlement, with some account of the sources from which full information may be derived.
16573: - Modern Sunbathing and Hygiene Annual 1959
12332: - Airwear Everywhere: A guide to climate and clothing for international travellers
19608: [THE SOUTH ISLAND (N.Z.) MOTOR UNION] - A.A. Road Map - South Island of New Zealand
15771: - The War in Retrospect: A Day-to-day Record of World War II. from Hitler's attack on Poland to the Allied Invasion of Europe. [+] Volume II [. . .] From the Allied Invasion of Europe to the Final Victory in the East.
18507: - Otepopo School - 100th Anniversary - 1864-1964
13087: - The Case for Secular Education
13837: [VARIOUS AUTHORS] - [Bound volume of 49 (mostly) Methodist and Wesleyan sermons, lectures, tracts etc.]
17212: - St Patrick's School South Dunedin 1878-1978 Centennial
16243: [PROVINCE OF OTAGO / PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT] - Votes and Proceedings of the Provincial Council of the Province of Otago, New Zealand [. . .] with an Appendix, containing the several papers ordered to be printed. Session XXXIII., 1874
10123: - Dunedin's Historical Background An Historical Geography Of Dunedin Covering The Period 1840 - 1900
10888: - [Civil War newspaper] American and Commercial Advertiser. Monday, May 15, 1865
19449: - Maitland 1863 - 1963
18818: - Grantown - The Capital of Strathspey - A Guide to Grantown-on-Spey and the Cairngorms
7576: [BESTALL, ALFRED] - Rupert Annual 1964
12551: - The Rites and Worship of the Jews as described in the Bible, and by Jewish Writers
19598: - The Treaty of Waitangi - Te Tiriti o Waitangi
11695: - The True History of Joshua Davidson
18103: [SOMERSET, GWENDOLEN LUCY] - Keen-Eye the Tree Boy
15330: - Kleine Ecohuizen / Petites Maisons Écologiques / Small Eco-houses
18006: - Blade [magazine]: The World's #1 Knife Publication [10 issues from 2013]
16319: - French Girls. Number One.
10962: [PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF CANTERBURY, NEW ZEALAND] - Land Regulations of the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand, as Amended.
11241: - My Nursery Tale Book
10447: - The New Zealand Craftsman: A Monthly Journal Published in the Interests of Freemasonry. 1935.
16561: - Dorothy Neal White: A Tribute
10448: - The New Zealand Craftsman: A Monthly Journal Published in the Interests of Freemasonry. 1936.
15461: [TEWKESBURY] - Tewkesbury Official Guide
10444: - The New Zealand Craftsman: A Monthly Journal Published in the Interests of Freemasonry. 1932.
16255: [SIKU] - Siku 1991 [catalogue - model vehicles]
17109: [BESTALL, ALFRED] - Rupert Annual 1964
13829: B., J. [JONATHAN BRIERLEY (1843-1914)] (COMPILED AND TRANSLATED BY) - Rome from the Inside: or, The Priests' Revolt
19534: [VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS, INCLUDING BARRY CRUMP; RUTH DALLAS] - School Journal - Part 4 - Number Two - 1974
18932: - The Evening Star - Victory Souvenir Issue - Special Number to Commemorate the Victorious Conclusion of the World War of 1939-45 - No. 25,564. - Dunedin, Friday, August 17, 1945. Price 2d.
19678: [BELL, FRANCIS DILLON (SIR)] - Notes by the Governor on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet entitled the Taranaki Question
11390: - 2 Maps - Northern Part of Russia in Europe; Southern Part of Russia in Europe
15636: [INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS] - I. C. S. Reference Library: Sign and Banner Making - Practical Design and Ornament
10220: - The Mirror; A Periodical Paper, Published At Edinburgh In The Years 1779 And 1780
16426: - Young Naturist. No. 15. [magazine]
14707: [ROY STILL] - [Ex-libris bookplate]
8701: - Apumoana O Te Ao Hou
15661: [ROUND TABLE GROUPS] - Round Table Studies. First Series No. II.
18337: [ROCHE PRODUCTS] - Manifestations of Anxiety and their Treatment
16626: - Miniature Art of Australia: Past and Present
10002: - Dunedin Bowling Centre Centenary Souvenir 1871-1948
13376: [COLE, E. W. (EDWARD WILLIAM) (1832-1918)] - Cole's Fun Doctor - The Funniest Book in the World - Second Series
17861: [WAKEFIELD, EDWARD JERNINGHAM] - The Hand-Book for New Zealand: Consisting of the Most Recent Information Compiled for the Use of Intending Colonists
14076: [EDINBURGH] - The Sett, or Decreet Arbitral of King James the 6th of blessed Memory. Deciding all Differences betwixt Merchants and Trades, anent the Government of the City of Edinburgh [. . .] Together with The Acts of the Town Council, determining the time of the Continuation of the Provost, Dean of Gild, and Thesaurer, to be no longer then one or two years together at a time.
11688: - Clergymen and Doctors: Curious Facts and Characteristic Sketches
14429: - Radio Fun Annual 1945
15304: [SALVATION ARMY] - The Musical Salvationist. Sixth Volume. July, 1901, to June, 1892.
13505: [MAORI BIBLE (NEW TESTAMENT)] - Ko Te Kawenata Hou o To Tatou Ariki O Te Kai Whakaora O Ihu Karaiti [Maori Bible - New Testament]
18308: - Journeys in the South Island, New Zealand. Number 37. 1 May, 1950 [Winter 1950 issue] [Magazine]
19258: [OTAGO TRADES AND LABOUR COUNCIL] - Souvenir Catalogue - Industrial Exhibition and Art Union - Promoted by Otago Trades and Labour Council - Brydone and Adjoining Halls. Crawford Street, Dunedin - Commencing 22nd November, 1912
15779: - The Complete Workings of Craft Freemasonry: being a Practical Guide to the Three Degrees in Blue Masonry, according to sound usage. Including the Lectures and Installation Ceremony complete with illustrations of the three tracing boards
15475: - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
19646: [JOHN WHELDON & CO.] - Supplement to John Wheldon & Co.'s Scientific and Geological Catalogues, Comprising Recent Purchases in Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Palaeontology, Mineralogy, Mining etc. Including a small collection of Works on Applied Chemistry, Metallurgy, etc. Also scarces sets of Important Journals and Transactions
17890: [REED, A. H.] - Greetings - Charles Dicken's Religion
11935: - Report of Proceedings of the Unity Congress July 1st to 10th, 1913: Establishing the United Federation of Labor and The Social Democratic Party
12891: [MCINDOE, JAMES] - Early Days in Otago
17726: [CHAPPLE, A. L.] - Sailing with Tasman
19609: K, J. [JAMES KELLY] - Occasional Verses
13080: - The Souters o' Selkirk: A Panorama of Eight Centuries. From the Coming of the Monks till the Twentieth Century. With Numerous New and Unique Illustrations.
11899: - Modern Millinery Made Easy
19142: - New Zealand Illustrated 1934
10578: - Extracts from the Diary of a Lover of Literature
16535: - Young Naturist. No. 18. [magazine]
10188: - Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Tribute
10191: - Come To Life Stories No.2
10192: - Latest Designs In Hall Marked Silver And Electro Plate Ware Oak Goods, Cased Cutlery, Canteen Sets, etc
16657: [14 ARMY GROUP, ROYAL ENGINEERS / BRITISH ARMY ON THE RHINE] - Wesel and Cologne Bailey Bridges. Visit of R. E. 7 and E. B. E. 24 January - 28 January 1946 [Photograph album]
14797: [MAORI BIBLE (NEW TESTAMENT)] - Ko Te Kawenata Hou o To Tatou Ariki O Te Kai Whakaora O Ihu Karaiti [Maori Bible - New Testament]
11237: - Happy Days by the Sea
18471: - The Official Record of The Otago Jubilee Industrial Exhibition. Held in Dunedin, New Zealand, From March 22nd to June 4th, 1898, To Celebrate the Completion of the First Fifty Years of the Province of Otago.
17548: - The Quarterly Review. Vol. XXXI. Published in December, 1824, & March, 1825.
18562: - The Armidale Exmess - Incorporating The Armidale Argus and The Guyra Chronic
14966: - Tales of Scottish Chivalry
16892: - The Broons [1962 Annual]
17910: - Writing in New Zealand - No. 1 Early Journals and Records - Marsden - Maning - E. J. Wakefield
18018: - The Story of . . . "Arohanui Ki Te Tangata" - The Meeting House of "Goodwill to All Men"
19507: [YWCA] - The Girl Citizen
18559: [WELLINGTON GIRLS' COLLEGE] - Wellington Girls' College Reporter 1927
18560: [WELLINGTON GIRLS' COLLEGE] - Wellington Girls' College - Jubilee Reporter 1943-1958
16383: [SULLIVAN, CHARLES MCNEILL (COMPILER) ] - Margaret: a Daughter of the Manse February, 1929 - April - 1948. [Cover subtitle: "A Memoir of Christina Margaret Sullivan"]
6652: [BETHELL, MARY URSULA] - Day and Night
10174: - Walkabout Magazine. December 1935 Australia And The South Seas
16261: [FIRE BRIGADE, SILVERDALE VOLUNTEER] - Silverdale Volunteer Fire Brigade: The First 50 Years 1952-2002
18099: [CLOUSTON, WILLIAM ALEXANDER (ED.)] - The Book of Scottish Story: Historical, Humorous, Legendary, and Imaginative. Selected from the Works of Standard Scottish Authors
10651: - Minstrel Songs: The Best Nigger Book Ever Issued
11731: [COGNET, CLAUDE (FATHER)] - Ko Te Hitoria Poto O Te Hahi Katorika: No Nga Ra Ano O Hehu Kerito Tae Noa Ki A Tatou [History of the Catholic Church from the time of Christ, in Maori]
10443: - The New Zealand Craftsman: A Monthly Journal Published in the Interests of Freemasonry. 1931.
19655: - Multilingual Dictionary of Technical Terms in Cartography
19227: - Commonwealth Celebrations Sydney Descriptive & Illustrative with Panorama
19315: - League of Nations - Health Organisation - Intergovernmental Conference of Far-Eastern Countries on Rural Hygiene - Preparatory Papers Relating to British India - Official No.: C. H. 1235 (b).
19316: - Tawa Cricket Club - 1947-1997 - Jubilee Year
9997: - Tales From "Blackwood" Vol. II
18939: [VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS] - The Very Best of Rod & Rifle 1980-1985
17211: - Michael Joseph Savage
18326: "B. B." [DENYS WATKINS-PITCHFORD] - Bill Badger's Big Mistake
15668: [CORNWALL] - [Collection of 57 engravings of Cornwall, including many of St. Michael's Mount + 2 maps of Cornwall]
16888: [FISHER, ANNE (COMPILED BY)] - The Pleasing Instructor or Entertaining Moralist consisting of Select Essays, Relations, Visions, and Allegories collected from The most Eminent English Authors to which are prefixed New Thoughts on Education. A New Edition.
11388: - Map - Europe
15940: [FLINDERS, MATTHEW] [+ VARIOUS, "BY THE MOST CELEBRATED AUTHORS"] - The Entertaining Magazine; or, Repository of General Knowledge [. . .] Vol. II [1814]
13688: B., W. - Freedom
17892: [REED, A. H.] - [small group of ephemera]
19644: [BASILISK PRESS & BOOKSHOP; CHARLENE GARRY] - Basilisk Press & Bookshop - Catalogue 2 [&] [. . .] Catalogue 3 [Two catalogues]
19645: [DUNEDIN RHODODENDRON GROUP] - Dunedin Rhododendron Group Bulletin Nos. 35, 37, 39, 40, & 43; 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015. [+ 1 other]
13569: [NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT] - New Zealand Government Gazette. Vol. II, Nos. 1-53. [Complete volume for the year 1842]
16385: [VARIOUS] - Huia Short Stories 5: Contemporary Maori Fiction
15664: [MACLAREN, JESSIE] - Drifted and Sifted: A Domestic Chronicle of the Seventeenth Century
13375: - The Adventures of Hurricane Hawk. No. 6. Published by "The New Idea".
18647: - The War in Retrospect: A Day-to-day Record of World War II. from Hitler's attack on Poland to the Allied Invasion of Europe. [+] Volume II [. . .] From the Allied Invasion of Europe to the Final Victory in the East. [Two Volumes]
15228: [LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE, HISTORIC SOCIETY OF] - Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. Volume VIII. Session 1855-56.
11682: [BOYD, A. H.] - Changed Aspects of Unchanged Truths: Memorials of St. Andrews Sundays
16310: - Capital Cities of Australia: A photographic glimpse at the monuments and people of Australian Capital Cities.
15811: - The Wales Test 1905: Match Reports & Commentary on the First Wales v. New Zealand Rugby Test played at Cardiff Arms Park 16 December 1905
13568: [BRITISH PARLIAMENTARY PAPER] - New Zealand. Further Papers Relative to the Affairs of New Zealand. Correspondence with Governor Grey. In continuation of the Papers presented January, 1847. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty June, 1847.
19096: M., A. [JAMES MURDOCH] - From Australia and Japan
8809: [RAYNAL, F. E.] - Wrecked On A Reef; Or, Twenty Months In The Auckland Isles A True Story Of Shipwreck, Adventure, And Suffering
12721: - Internationale Foto-Salon 1928 georganiseerd door den bond van ned. Amateur-Fotografen Vereenigingen
12076: - Scripture Natural History; Being an Account of Animals, Trees, Plants, and Precious Stones mentioned in Holy Scripture, given principally in extracts from the works of travellers: together with some Remarks on Agriculture, Climate, &c.
15644: [PORTEUS, BEILBY] - Sir Ewain; or, The Giant's Cave. A Holy Moral.
16349: - Sunbathing Review. Spring-Summer 1963.
000173: [LIVINGSTONE, DAVID] - The Life and Explorations of David Livingstone, LL. D. , Carefully Compiled from Reliable Sources
000230: - Toasts and Maxims: a Book of Humour to Pass the Time Collected from Various Sources
000246: - New Zealand Art & Antiques Yearbook 1977/78 Volume 1 Incorporating N. Z. Art Auction Records
000538: [DOCTOR SYNTAX / WILLIAM COMBE IMITATION] - The Tour of Doctor Syntax through London, or the Pleasures and Miseries of the Metropolis. a Poem
000567: [RATSEY, GAMALIEL] - Shakespeare Association Facsimiles No. 10: the Life and Death of Gamaliel Ratsey a Famous Thief, of England, Executed At Bedford the 26th of March Last Past. 1605
000582: [HASLEWOOD BOOKS / SHAKESPEARE HEAD PRESS] - Englands Helicon: Reprinted from the Edition of 1600 with Additional Poems from the Edition of 1614
000684: - Albany (Western Australia) Illustrated
001351: - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Chuch of England [...]
001483: - The New World a Catalogue of an Exhibition of Books, Maps, Manuscripts and Documents Held At Lambeth Palace Library [...] Together with Transcripts of Five Unpublished Documents in the Library Relating to the Early History of the American Continent
001511: - An Ordenal Rag Gwesperow Dyllys Rak "Tyr Ha Tavas" Dre Lecyans an Deyn Ha Chaptra Peneglos Truru
001539: [PATERSON] - Paterson's Guide to Scotland
001559: [BOYD, ANDREW] - Sunday Afternoons At the Parish Church of a University City
001591: [WILLIAM, WILLIAMS (REV. ) [MAORI BILBLE COMMENTARY] - He Whakamakoha I Te Rongo-Pai a Maka [Maori Bible - Commentary on the Gospel of Mark]
001757: - The Podgy-Puppy Book [Series Title: the Nursery Zoo]
001826: - Illustrations for Missionary Project 1955 for Use in Conjunction with the Booklet George Hunter McNeur a Pioneer Missionary in South China by Henry H. Barton
11362: - M. V. Pacific Charger (Registered in Monrovia, Republic of Liberia) (O.N. 6987) Shipping Casualty, 21 May 1981 [. . .] Report of Court and Annex Thereto
11363: - F. V. San Benito Registered at the Port of Auckland, New Zealand (O.N. 349473) Registered Fishing Vessel at the Port of Tauranga No. 3800 Shipping Casualty, 26 September 1981 [. . .] Report of Court and Annex Thereto
002137: M, J. K. [MOILLET, JAMES KOIE] - The Mary Ira. Being the Narrative Journal of a Yachting Expedition from Auckland to the South Sea Islands, and a Pedestrian Tour in a New District of New Zealand Bush. Illustrated with Sketches Taken on the Spot.
002433: - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the United Chuch of England and Ireland; Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David [...]
002610: [N. Z. GOVERNMENT PUBLICITY OFFICE] - New Zealand: Paradise of the Pacific
002840: - North Auckland - New Zealand
002712: - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Chuch of England; Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David [...]
002844: [CHATTO & WINDUS] - Sixpenny Wonderfuls: 6d Gems from the Past
002893: - Waterfowl Hunting in Southern New Zealand
002864: - Industry in Sweden
002862: - Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong (Initialled Text)
14865: - A Pickle & Chutney Cookbook: 'Supporting People with a Disability'
003007: - Egypt Today: Published in the Interests of Egyptian Finance, Industry and Commerce 1937-1938
003113: [NAG'S HEAD PRESS] - Bookie: a New Miscellany. Stories Poetry. Scholarship. Typography. Printology. Art. Culture (N. Z. ) . Criticism. Special Horse-Followers' Number
003143: - Uncle Oojah's Annual
003141: [ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT] - Part III. the Rhine Valley
003174: - Cinderella Come to Life Stories
003302: - Charles' Wain: a Miscellany of Short Stories
003324: - Kiwi 49. 24th (N. Z. ) Field Ambulance in the Pacific
003444: - Little Folks' Book of Coloured Pictures
003453: - Century: Dunedin after the First Hundred Years
003442: - Favourite Maori Tales
003437: - 007 James Bond in Focus
003415: - Our Country
003512: - Alcoa Portland Aluminium Smelter: Environment Effects Statement and Draft Environmental Impact Statement
003504: - Volkswagen Type 2 Commercial Series 1700-1800-2000 1973-1977 with Specifications Repair and Maintenance Data
003597: - Two Odysseys: 1. A Valiant Maid of Lorraine. 2. A Brave Daughter of Tunisia
003638: - Little Frolic
003650: - More Jumbo Stories: Pictures and Verses for Little Folk
003655: [BOXING] - Boxing [Magazine] Special Xmas Issue December 13th 1913. Vol. IX No. 223
003700: [ANGLO-BOER WAR] - The Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1900. an Album of Upwards of Three Hundred Photographic Engravings.
003788: - The Revised Statutes of the State of New-York [...] [Volume II Only]
003789: - The Revised Statutes of the State of New-York [...] [Volume I Only]
003792: [QUARTERLY REVIEW?] - Christianity In Melanesia And New Zealand. [extract From A Periodical]
003796: [NEW ZEALAND PARLIAMENT] - New Zealand Parliamentary Debates [...] Eighty-Eighth Volume. Comprising the Period from July 18 to August 9, 1895
003815: [CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY] - The Case of Archdeacon Henry Williams, in Reply to a Statement by the Rev. E. G. Marsh
003821: - The Runways and the Robbers
003963: - Honor Bright; Or, the Four-Leaved Shamrock
003964: - Scout and Red Cross Motto Book
4005: - Great Achievements Of Military Men, Statesmen, And Others
4011: - Life Of General Gordon
4105: [PRESHAW, GEORGE OGILVY] - Banking Under Difficulties or Life on the Goldfields of Victoria, New South Wales & New Zealand. By a Bank Official
4161: - The End of a Line: A History of the Catlins River Branch Railway
4233: - Korero. A.E.W.S. Background Bulletin Vol. 2. No. 5. (March 13 1944).
8434: - Newspaper Clippings, Mostly On Shipwrecks And Murders
4377: - Fiji. Correspondence Relative to Land Claims in Fiji [C.-3584]
4389: - A Cursory View of Prussia, from the Death of Frederick II to the Peace of Tilsit; Containing an Authentic Account of the Battles of Jena, Auerstadt, Eylau, and Friedland; As Also Other Important Events during that Interesting Period.
4402: - The Secret of Dr. Kildare
4455: [CANTERBURY MOUNTAINEERING CLUB] - The Canterbury Mountaineer: Journal of the Canterbury Mountaineering Club. 5 issues, Nos. 41, 42, 43, 44 & 45. 1971-72, 1972-73, 1973-74, 1925-75 (Jubilee Edition), 1975-76.
4924: [AUNT DAISY] - Aunt Daisy & Uncle Sam: Aunt Daisy's War-Time Journey to United States
4483: [WILLIAM COLLINS, SONS, & CO.] - Collins' Complete Atlas Consisting of 80 Full-Page Maps of Modern Geography
4540: [MR ROOKLYN] - The Amazing Mr Rooklyn from London. Watch his Fingers
4593: - The History of Napoleon Buonaparte: Reprinted from the Family Library
4681: [NEW ZEALAND INSTITUTE] - Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute. Vol. 54 (New Issue)
4682: [NEW ZEALAND INSTITUTE] - Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute. Vol. 55 (New Issue)
4747: - Sounds of Modern Travel
4761: - The Methodist Magazine for the Year 1803: Being a Continuation of The Arminian Magazine, First Published by the Rev. John Wesley, A.M. consisting chiefly of Extracts and Original Treatises on General Redemption. Volume XXVI.
4767: - [Volume II only] Ancient Scotish Poems, Never Before in Print. But Now Published from the Ms. Collections of Sir Richard Maitland, of Lethington, Knight, Lord Privy Seal of Scotland, and a Senator of the College of Justice.
4893: - Senigallia Town Plan. Blueprint Map.
4931: [VOSSELER, FREDERICK WILLIAM] - Across the Tararuas and Beautiful Otaki
4968: - New Zealand Parliamentary Debates. Vol. 76. July 21-Aug 11 1892
5187: - Universal Wellington Province and Taranaki Almanac
5201: - Britain's Great Men: Roberts: Kitchener: French
5205: - The Missionary Controversy: Discussion, Evidence and Report. 1890.
5226: - Gore (Souvenir Booklet)
5240: - Come To Life Stories No.4
5242: - Decorative Art: The Studio Year Book of Furnishing and Decoration Volume 49.
5275: - The Nelson Universal Hand-Atlas: 240 Maps of the Countries and Chief Cities of the World
5291: - The Franz Josef Glacier: A Photographic Record
16454: - Guide to the City of Sydney and Pleasure Resorts of New South Wales: Including Plans of City and Suburbs, and useful Information for Visitors and Tourists
5300: - Stones' Otago and Southland ABC Monthly Guide and Diary
5351: - Scenic Souvenir of South Island New Zealand in Full Colourtone
5373: - The London Magazine or Gentleman's Monthly Intelligence 1761March to October (an incomplete run of seven monthly issues, September missing)
5379: - Lithographic Stone
5380: [RAMSAY] - The Ever Green Being A Collection of Scots Poems, wrote by the Ingenious before 1600. (VolumeTwo)
5381: - Photographs: Queen Street, Auckland and Quay Street, Auckland, New Zealand
5382: - Photograph: Railway Construction Camp In New Zealand
5389: - The Birthday Book of Wit and Humour
5399: - Photograph of Cargill Monument - The Exchange, Dunedin
5401: - Gentleman and Lady's Key to Polite Literature or A Compendius Dictionary of Fabulous History
5419: [BUTLER, SAMUEL] - Erewhon or Over the Range
5426: - The Genuine Account of the Life and Trial of Eugene Aram
5436: - Automobile Year: Number 7 1959-1960
5464: - New Zealand Home Guard Companion 1941
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6138: [NEW ZEALAND SHIPPING COMPANY] - The New Zealand Shipping Company's Pocket Book An Interesting Guide for Passengers by the Company's Steamers, and Containing Information of General Interest to all Travellers to the Dominion
6164: [EDERSHEIM] - The Rites and Worship of the Jews
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6711: - The Catechism Set forth in the Book of Common-Prayer, Briefly explained by Short Notes, grounded upon Holy Scripture. To which is now added, an Essay of Questions and Answers, framed out of the same Notes, for the exercise of Youth
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6968: - The Ritual Of The Three Degrees Of Freemasonry
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7071: - Supernatural Religion: An Inquiry Into The Reality Of Divine Revelation (Volume One)
7097: - The Tryal, Conviction and Condemnation Of Popery, For High Treason, In Conspiring The Death, Ruine, And Subversion Of Christianity. Who Upon Full Evidence Was Convicted, And Received Sentence Accordingly
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7373: - The Independent Whig (Numb. 156, Sunday, December 25, 1808)
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7382: [ANON.] - Heroic Adventure Chapters In Recent Exploration and Discovery
11218: - Bagpipe Music Index Presents an Alphabetical Tune Listing of Tunes from Books Currently Available
7459: - The Voiage And Travaile Of Sir John Maundevile Knight, Which Treateth Of The Way Toward Hierusalem, And Of Marvayles Of Inde With Other Ilands And Countryes
7468: - From Forest Trail To City Street The Story Of The Presbyterian Church Among The Maori People
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7961: - Guide To The Pavilion Of The British Government
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8034: - Abbot's Illustrated Counties Dorsetshire Its History, Antiquities Places Of Interest, Etc A Complete, Concise And Exhaustive Story Of Dorset From The Earliest Times To Present Day
8036: - An Illustrated Itinerary Of The County Of Lancaster
8053: A. H. R. - Isabel Reed Her Book
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8079: - Family History At National Archives
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8092: - Erskines From County Down
8093: - Loganaich Of Antrim A Celebration Of One Hundred And Twenty Years Of Glasgow And Martha Logan And Daughter Martha Ann Settling In Owaka 1871-1991
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8126: - An English-Chinese Medical Dictionary
8165: - Stop French Tests
8166: - Species Recovery Plan Draft Yellow-Eyed Penguin Megadyptes Antipodes
8171: - Crowmwell And Districts A Historical Guide
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8184: - Presenting The Port Of Otago
8185: - Statement Of Accounts With Reports And Other Statistics Of The Otago Harbour Board For The Period January 1st To September 30th, 1926
8188: - Presentation Of The New Guidon To The Royal Scots Greys By Her Majesty The Queen
8200: - A Handbook For Anti-Socialists
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8210: - By-Laws And Regulations Of The Encampment Of Observance, Stationed At London
8212: - Constitution Of The Grand Lodge Of Mark Masters Of England And Wales, And The Colonies And Possessions Of The British Crown: Being The Regulations For The Government Of The Craft
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8214: - The Order Of Procession Of The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Freemasons, For The County Of Chester, Held At The Mechanics Institute, Stockport, September 6th, 1866
8218: - The Best Of Whim-Wham
8219: - Te Paipera Tapu Ara Te Kawenata Tawhito Me Te Kawenata Hou
8224: - Soldier's Photo Album From 1945 (87 photos plus 3 loose copies)
8227: - Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age A Brief History Of A.A.
7641: - The Demon Lover A Ballad
8273: - Wakari School Centennial 1858 - 1958
8281: - Wild Flowers Of The Year (Five Titles In One Volume)
8287: - Meteorological Data For Certain Australian Localities
8288: - Shield Fever The Ranfurly Shield History of Otago And Southland, Otago And Southland Shield Souvenir
11987: - Ordinances of the Province of Otago, N. Z. [New Zealand] Session I. to XIV. Inclusive.
8305: - The New Zealand Reader. Prepared For Use In The Fifth And Sixth Standard Classes
8315: - The Murder Of Captain Fryatt
8330: - About Fairies Old And New
8360: - The Jesuits: A Historical Sketch
8361: - The Story Of A Stomach: An Egotism
8367: (THE KNIGHT OF MORAR) - Coila's Whispers
8397: [GORDON, A. L.] - Sea Spray And Smoke Drift
8398: - Taonga Maori Treasures Of The New Zealand Maori People
8455: (KOYAMA, KOSUKE) - Pilgrim Or Tourist
8473: - Lloyd's Calendar 1942
8481: - Geological Papers
8483: - The Ordinances Of New Zealand Passed In The First Ten Sessions Of The General Legislative Council, A.D. 1841 to A.D. 1849
000189: - The Complete Letter Writer for Ladies and Gentlemen
8515: - Simultaneous Invalidations, Second Attempt
8578: - Travel In Italy
8580: - Antonio Zoli Arms Manufacturers And Exporters
8583: - Westley Richards & Co., Ltd., Gun And Rifle Manufacturers, Bournbrook, Birmingham England. [Catalogue]
8590: - New Zealand Art Of The Sixties A Royal Visit Exhibition
8592: - The Home Friend; A Weekly Miscellany Of Amusement And Instruction
8603: - The Right To Dissent And Other Leactures
8621: - The Home Friend; New Series (Two Volumes Bound in One: Vols III & IV)
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8633: - Photoplay, November 1947
8634: - Photoplay, February 1948
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8641: - Proceedings Of The Royal Colonial Institute (Volume XXXIV 1902-1903)
8643: - Proceedings Of The Royal Colonial Institute (Volume The Eighteenth 1886-7)
8644: - A Hero From Zero The Story Of Kleinwort Benson And Mohamed Fayed
8652: - Meet Richard Chamberlain Tv's Dr. Kildare An informal date in words and personal album pictures
8656: - Wanganui The River City Of New Zealand
8669: - The British Imperial Calendar For The Year Of Our Lord 1849
10159: - Six New Zealand Boxing Programmes
8722: [FIELDING, HENRY] - Murders. True Examples of the Interposition of Providence, in the Discover and Punishment of MURDER
8724: [KU KLUX KLAN] - Collection of three items
8750: - Stranger's Vade-Mecum
8811: [PRESHAW, GEORGE OGILVY] - Banking Under Difficulties or Life on the Goldfields of Victoria, New South Wales & New Zealand. By a Bank Official
8843: - The Canterbury Colony: Its Site and Prospects.
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8963: - Records Of The Dominion Museum Volume 6 1967-70
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8969: - Gerald Aymer's Loves And Other Tales
8970: - Annie's Canary And Other Tales
8980: [SELDEN, J?] - Metamorphosis anglorum, sive mutationes variae regum, regni, rerumque Angliae. opus historicum et politicum
8999: - The Book Of Common Prayer, And Administration Of The Sacraments, And Other Rites And Ceremonies Of The Church, According To The Use Of The Church Of England
9011: - Code Of Safety For Fishermen And Fishing Vessels Safety And Health Practice For Skippers And Crews
9013: - Lewis Gun Pocket Book And Illustrated Guide
9019: - Lives Of The Most Eminent Literary And Scientific Men Of Italy, Spain And Portugal (Volume Three only)
9020: - Lives Of The Most Eminent Literary And Scientific Men Of Italy, Spain And Portugal (Volume Two only)
9021: - Lives Of The Most Eminent Foreign Statesmen (Volume Five only)
9022: - Lives Of The Most Eminent Foreign Statesmen (Volume Three only)
9023: - Lives Of The Most Eminent Foreign Statesmen (Volume One only)
9024: - Lives Of The Most Eminent Foreign Statesmen (Volume Two only)
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9063: - Cassell's Complete Book Of Sports And Pastimes Being A Compendium Of Out-Door And In-Door Amusements
9098: - Ritual Of First, Second And Third Degrees Charges, Etc.
9102: - The Rules Of Rugby Including Amended Rules Notes For Referees' Guidance Otago Rugby Football Union Rules For Competition Matches
9113: - The Shakspere Birthday Book With Quotations For Every Day Of The Year
9114: - Shell Motorists' Index
9115: - The History Of Switzerland
9116: - Report Of The First Annual Conference Of The Branches Of The Over-Seas Club In The Dominion Of New Zealand
17414: - New Zealand Industrial Exhibition, 1885, Wellington. The Official Record.
9135: - Soft Furnishing Workroom Manual
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9147: - The Tourists Guide To Lucknow
9180: [WILLIAMS, WILFRED GASTER] - The Story Of The Maori Mission
9236: - The Knox College Register 1909-1973
10536: - To Geoffrey Keynes: Articles from the Book Collector to Commemorate his Eighty-Fifth Birthday
9315: [PATERSON, WILLIAM] - Sketches from the Life of William Paterson 27 Years Secretary of the Otago Early Settlers' Association
9370: [CITY OF DUNEDIN] - Coporation of the City of Dunedin By-Law No. 1
9379: - The First Official Softball Fixture between the North and South Islands [Softball Programme]
9395: [MAORI BIBLE] - Ko Te Paipera Tapu Ara, Ko Te Kawenata Tawhito Me Te Kawenata Hou
10523: [LONGUEVILLE, PETER] - The Hermit: or, the Unparalleled Sufferings, and Surprizing Adventures, of Philip Quarll, an Englishman: Who was discovered by Mr. Dorrington, a Bristol Merchant, upon an uninhabited island, in the South-sea; where he lived above fifty years [. . .]
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10462: - The Masonic Record. January-December 1936. Vol. 16 No. 182 - Vol. 17 No. 193
12285: - The Rex Nan Kivell Collection of Early New Zealand Pictures
14428: - Queenstown. Cape Province. South Africa
11222: - Collection of 30 souvenir programmes from musicians' tours to New Zealand.
12369: [BONAR, ANDREW A. & MCCHEYNE, ROBERT MURRAY] - Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews from the Church of Scotland in 1839
10712: [HARRIS, JEFFREY] - Jeffrey Harris
17017: - The Japan Year Book 1935
12720: - Catálogo del IV Salón Internacional de Fotografia de Zaragoza, organizado por esta Sociedad con el concurso del Sindicato de Iniciativa y Propaganda de Aragón, de l Comisión de Festejos y del Centro Mercantil, Industrial y Agricola, en su Salón de Fiestas Octubre 1928
15548: - The Fig Tree: A Douglas Social Credit Quarterly Review. New Series, Numbers 1 to 4, June 1954 - March 1955.
13193: [TARANAKI] - They Know Not New Zealand Who Do Not Taranaki Know
17337: [NEW ZEALAND COMPANY] - New Zealand. Papers Relating to the Surrender of their Charters by the New Zealand Company. 1851. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, 22d July 1851.
13405: [VARIOUS; INTRODUCTION BY REV. JOHN HUNTER] - Chronicles of Strathearn
18549: H. D. [HILDA DOOLITTLE] - The Flowering of the Rod
16258: [FIAT] - Truck Tests
12640: [DURHAM, EARL OF] - The Report and Despatches of the Earl of Durham, Her Majesty's High Commissioner and Governor-General of British North America
12039: - Ko Te Pukapuka O Nga Inoinga, Me Nga Himene, &c., Mo Nga Karakiatanga O Nga Tangata O Te Hahi Weteriana [Wesleyan Prayer Book in Maori]
001127: [BICKERSTETH] - Doing and Suffering: Memorials of Elizabeth and Frances, Daughters of the Late Rev. E. Bickersteth. by Their Sister. with a Preface by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ripon
10110: - The Watchmaker, Jeweler And Silversmith Vol. XXIV - No. 5
001280: - The Youth's Magazine or Evangelical Miscellany for the Year 1825. Vol. X. New Series.
001315: - The Biographical Magazine; Containing Portraits of Eminent and Ingenious Persons of Every Age and Nation, with Their Lives and Characters. 2 Volumes.
001345: [HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER] - Sam Slick's Wise Saws and Modern Instances; Or, What He Said, Did, or Invented.
001347: [HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER] - Traits of American Humour, by Native Authors. Edited and Adapted by the Author of "Sam Slick, "
001444: [HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER] - The Old Judge; Or, Life in a Colony
001457: [TALBOT, ETHEL] - Twenty-Six Ethel Talbot Stories for Girls
001479: - Albert the Brave: King of the Belgians Submitted to and Read by the Adjutant to the Chief of the Late King's Cabinet in Belgium, to Which Have Been Added Two Chapters Giving a Description of the King's Tragic Death
001502: - Lives of Good & Great Women
18638: - Discovering the Wakatipu (On Foot in the Wakatipu Basin)
12722: - The Hand-Book to the Suburban and Rural Districts of the Otago Settlement
10279: E. J. S. (A MINISTER'S WIFE) - Ada; Or, Life And Light
18679: [RUTHERFORD, ERNEST] - ["The Heating Effects of Radium-Emanation," in "Report of the Tenth Meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, Held at Dunedin, 1904." Edited by Geo. M. Thomson]
14806: - Letters from New Plymouth 1843: Letters from Settlers & Labouring Emigrants, in the New Zealand Company's Settlements of Wellington, Nelson, & New Plymouth. From February, 1842, to January, 1843.
13455: - Bridge of Allan & District Photographic Society Exhibition Souvenir 1927
11669: [BOYD, A. H.] - Leisure Hours in Town
001619: - Martin Cash, the Bushranger of Van Dieman's Land in 1843. a Personal Narrative of His Exploits in the Bush and His Experiences At Port Arthur and Norfolk Island.
001697: M. , A. [AUGUSTE MARC] - Paris Incendie Histoire De La Commune De 1871 Ouvrage Orne De 170 Gravures Sur Bois
10104: [MASONIC JEWEL CATALOGUE] - Illustrated Catalogue of Gold and Silver Jewels for the Constitutions of England, Scotland, and Ireland
9488: - Judgments Of The Court Of Appeal Of New Zealand On Proceedings To Review Aspects Of The Report Of The Royal Commission Of Inquiry Into The Mount Erebus Aircraft Disaster
18720: [VARIOUS] - Oxford Pamphlets 1914-1915 [bound volume of 15 pamphlets]
9985: - Wood Letter Joyce & Co
001758: - The Busy-Bunny Book
001816: [AUGUSTUS, ERNEST (KING OF HANOVER) ] - Letters of the King of Hanover to Viscount Strangford, G. C. B. Now in the Possession of His Granddaughter Mrs Frank Russell with an Historical Note by E. M. Cox and an Introduction by Charles Whibley, LL. D.
001837: - "Buckshee" a Pictorial Record of the Work of the New Zealand Y. M. C. A. on Active Service
10605: - Official Documents and Interesting Particulars of the Glorious Victory obtained over the French Fleet, on Sunday, June 1, 1794, by the British Fleet, Under the Command of Admiral Earl Howe [. . .]
002192: - 'Run Away' Nursery Tales
002241: - Diary [Manuscript]
19088: - Bla Ma'i Rnal 'Byor Dang Yi Dham Khag Gi Bdag Bskyed Sogs Zhal 'Don Gces Btus Bzhugs So, - Sermey Library book Serail No. 35
10290: - The Wellington Provincial District, N.Z. (Wairarapa - Manawatu - Rangitikei - Wanganui)
10708: - The Portage Ceramic Awards
002246: - Reply to Mr. Lockhart's Pamphlet, Entitled "The Ballantyne-Humbug Handled. "
002257: - The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised by His Majesty's Special Command
002282: [SHIRLEY TEMPLE] - Shirley Temple - 6 Items: Shirley Temple in Starring Roles; Shirley Temple Twinkletoes; Shirley Temple Just a Little Girl; Shirley Temple on the Movie Lot; Shirley Temple Little Playmate; Shirley Temple in Wee Willie Winkie"
002286: - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Chuch of England; Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David [...] [Together With] the New Testament [...]
002362: - Velazquez
002386: - The Life of John Bunyan
19559: - The Greek Student's Manual: Consisting of I. A Practical Guide to the Greek New Testament. II. The Greek New Testament with The Authorised English Version. III. A Greek-English Lexicon.
11894: - The Triumphant Tour! The All Blacks in England, Ireland and Wales 1924-1925
002413: - Otago Centennial Celebrations 1948: a Pictorial Record of Some of the Outstanding Events of This Historical Year
002434: - Hymns Ancient and Modern for Use in the Services of the Church
002435: - The Book of Order or Rules and Forms of Procedure of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (Issued by Authority of General Assembly)
002446: - [Hebrew Bible]
002465: - Creating a New Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology
002483: [HOLY BIBLE - NEW TESTAMENT] - The Red Letter New Testament: Printed in Large Type [...] Authorised Version, Showing Our Lord's Words in Red
002601: - The Four Freedoms
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10642: [COCK, THOMAS] - Kitchin-Physick: Or, Advice to the Poor, by way of Dialogue Betwixt Philanthropus, Physician, Eugenius, Apothecary, Lazarus, Patient. With Rules and Directions, [. . .] [ Part One]
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10070: - Handbook For Travellers In Scotland
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15814: - Tenth Wicket: Otago v. Canterbury - Played at Lancaster Park, Christchurch Friday, 25 to Tuesday, 29 December 1931
15815: - Demon Bowler: Australian XI v. Canterbury XV - Played at Hagley Park, Christchurch 19, 23, 24 January 1878
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11399: - Map - Switzerland
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10308: - Shorthorn Breeders' Guide 1928
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11866: - Holy Bible [Miniature book]
10759: - Souvenir Programme City of Dunedin New Zealand. Official Opening of the Town Hall by His Worship the Mayor R. S. Black, Esq. Satudrday, 15th February, 1930 at 8 p.m.
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11125: - The Maori Population
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10322: - The Laws of Cricket with Decisions & Interpretations authorized by the M.C.C. Instructions to Umpires. Rules of County Cricket.
12141: - The "Oreillettes" Treatment for the cure of Deafness
11797: - The All Blacks in England, Ireland and Wales 1924-1925: An interesting account of all matches played; English comments and criticism; Photographs of Team and Players. Welsh Memories of 1905; with a History of the Game in New Zealand
11406: [LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH (ED.)] - The Waif: A Collection of Poems
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12574: - The History of Protestantism in France, from the Earliest Times to the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
12847: - Down with Empire Up with Spring! A revolutionary ecological perspective
17773: [KAIKORAI SCHOOL] - Kaikorai School Jubilee Souvenir 1869-1919 [+ 3 others]
10626: - Poultry: How to Manage Poultry, Fowls, Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese
19621: - New Zealand Tierra del Fuego Expediton 1970 - Commemorating the 40th Anniversary Taranaki Alpine Club
15105: - Book VIII: A Miscellany. Containing Wood Engravings, Stories, Articles, Poems and Typography
19270: [PUCKEY, WILLIAM G. & WILLIAM COLENSO (TRANSLATORS)] - Ko Nga Upoko Eono O Te Pukapuka A Te Poropiti A Raniera: Me Te Pukapuka Ano Hoki A Te Poropiti A Hona: He Kupa ra no te Paipera, ko ia hoki te Pukapuka a Ihowa te Atua pono [Maori Bible Extract]
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13304: - Souvenir of Visit of the American Fleet to New Zealand August 1925
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12451: - The Great Jewish Masque or The Ass in the Lion's Skin
12955: [BERENS, LEWIS H. & IGNATIUS SINGER] - Government by the People
15317: [ARBROATH] - Visitors' Guide to Arbroath and Neighbourhood. With Numerous Photographic Reproductions, Map of the Burgh, &c.
11481: - Book Nine Short Story Number
12161: - Historical Studies Australia and New Zealand [A run of 18 issues, from Volume One, Number One to Volume Five, Number 18]
19092: [MAGRA, JAMES] - A Journal of Voyage round the World, In His Majesty's Ship Endeavour, In the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, and 1771 [. . .]
12934: M., H. M. - The Struggle for Money
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6107: [PROVINCE OF SOUTHLAND, NEW ZEALAND] - Ordinances of the Province of Southland, New Zealand. Sessions I to V.
17657: - Trench Map - Westroosbeke - Sheet 20 S.E.3 - Edition 2 A.
14108: - Warbirds over Wanaka / Wanaka Airfield, New Zealand Easter 1996. Souvenir Programme
10899: - Tubular Scaffolding for Military Purposes 1935
15709: [BEETON, SAMUEL ORCHART] - Beeton's Dictionary of Industries and Commerce. Including accounts, agriculture, building, banking, engineering, mechanism, mining, manufactures (chemical, cotton, iron, woolen, &c.), sseamanship and shipping, steam engines, and many other practical and useful subjects
17236: - The Life and Reign of that Excellent Princess Queen Elizabeth, from her Birth to her Death: with the Whole Proceedings of the Divorce of King Henry VIII. from Queen Catherine; his Marriage with the Lady Alnne Bullen, and the Cause of her Unfortunate Death on the Scaffold: as also, the Trial, Sufferings, and Death of Mary Queen of Scots
11354: - Jolly Nellie
11429: - Otago University Capping Book 1954 & 1958 [2 issues]
11522: M., M. K. - With the Birds: or, The Homes and Habits of our Feathered Friends
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19447: - No Other Country in the World is Quite Like Tasmania [Tasmanian Tourist Guide]
12373: - Twelve British Admirals (1540-1805)
000493: [MARTIN, WILLIAM (SIR) ] - Notes on Sir William Martin's "The Taranaki Question" 1861
18274: - The Ergot Alkaloids: Chemistry, Pharmacology and Clinical Application
13565: - The N. Z. Referee: A Journal of Sport, Music and the Drama
12590: [BURNET, GILBERT] - An Abridgement of Bishop Burnet's History of the Reformation of the Church of England
18390: - The Voice of America Forum Lectures - Mass Communication
18005: - Blade [magazine]: The World's #1 Knife Publication [10 issues, January through October 2012]
17289: [OTAGO EDUCATION BOARD] - The Otago Education Board 1856-1956: A Brief History
15561: [THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY] - Transactions of the Third Annual Congress of the Federation of European Sections of the Theosophical Society held in Paris July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 1906
13448: - The First Fifty Years of the Auckland Institute and Musuem and its Future Aims. A Jubilee Sketch
12099: [MAORI BIBLE (NEW TESTAMENT)] - Ko Te Kawenata Hou o To Tatou Ariki O Te Kai Whakaora O Ihu Karaiti [Maori Bible - New Testament]
13336: - Rothmans Pall Mall Rugby Almanac British Isles Tour of New Zealand 1977
16430: [HART, ELIZABETH HANNAH] - Very Genteel
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13854: - Kei Roto i te Whare
12260: - The Political Confession of a Practical Idealist
15318: [KIRKCUDBRIGHT] - Maxwell's Guide Book to the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, from the Nith to the Cree.
15319: [GEORGE WASHINGTON WILSON (PHOTOGRAPHS BY)] - Guide to Peeblesshire and Adjacent Country, including St. Mary's Loch and the Grey Mare's Tail. With Nine Photographs.
12453: - Sir Ernest Marsden 80th Birthday Book: A Tribute from his Friends and Colleagues
18226: - The Otago Witness - Wednesday, March 21, 1906 - No. 2714. [Newspaper]
19220: [BEETHAM, GEORGE] - The First Ascent Of Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand, And A Holiday Jaunt To Mounts Ruapehu, Tongariro, And Ngauruhoe
15460: [NORWICH] - The "Mancroft" Pocket Guide to Norwich
13572: [BRITISH PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS] - Parliamentary Papers relating to the Colony of New Zealand
16861: [QUORN CENTENARY BOOK COMMITTEE] - Quorn and District Centenary 1878-1978
16063: - The Art Journal [run of 10 volumes, 1858-1867]
18597: - Achilles
13822: [VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS] - Property Its Duties and Rights Historically, Philosophically and Religiously Regarded: Essays by Various Writers
12759: [BROTHERS GRIMM] - Hansel and Grethel: A Tale from Grimms
13280: - Proceedings of the First Anti-State-Church Conference, held in London, April 30, May 1 & 2, MDCCCXLIV.
14767: [CRAIK, DINAH MARIA MULOCK?] - Bread on the Waters
17816: E., J. - Thoughts for Life's Byeways
16125: - The Poets Homeland - Birthday Book - Irish Bards
18551: [BESTALL, ALFRED] - Rupert Annual 1957
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15251: - The Organized Militia of The United States. Statement of the Condition and Efficiency for Service of the Organized Militia. From Regular Annual Reports, and Other Sources, Covering the Year 1897.
19647: [MAGGS BROS] - Maggs - Catalogue 1312 - Botany
19648: [MAGGS BROS] - Maggs - Catalogue 1274 - Summer 1999 - Modern Literature
15742: [VARIOUS, INCLUDING PETER BASCH] - [group of 4 glamour / nude photography publications]
16412: - Young Naturist. No. 3. [magazine]
13077: - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of The Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David [. . .] [bound with] The Whole Book of Psalms
12913: [BESTALL, ALFRED] - Rupert Annual 1966
19679: [BELL, FRANCIS DILLON (SIR)] - Notes on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet entitled the Taranaki Question.
19201: - Royal Academy Exhibitors 1905-1970 [. . .] Volume I A - CAR
18433: [TIMARU BOYS HIGH SCHOOL] - The Timaruvian - The Magazine of the Timary Boys' High School - Vol. XII. No. 1 - December, 1917.
17674: - Acta Et Decreta Concilii Plenarii Australasiae, Habiti Apud Syndey A.D. 1885, A Sancta Sede Recognita.
15173: - Among the Maoris: Scenes and Sights in Days Gone By in New Zealand
14733: - Grab of Katanga Copper: Sensational Exposure of United Nations Policy in Katanga: Extracts from fearless address by Congressman Donald C. Bruce in U.S.A. House of Representatives October, 1962. Full address may be obtained from U.S.A. Congressional Record Also quotation from Arizona Republic exposing fake letters
15568: [GENERAL POST-OFFICE FOR SCOTLAND] - Post-Office Edinburgh & Leith Directory 1875-76. Comprising, among other information, General, Street, Professions & Trades Directories; Law, Church & Educational Directories; County Directory; Postal, Parliamentary, Public Office, Bank, and Conveyance Directories; etc. etc. etc.
16313: - Young Naturist. No. 7. [magazine]
13988: [RANKIN, REGINALD] - A Subaltern's Letters to his Wife
9969: - German Army Order Of Battle
15464: [GLOUCESTERSHIRE] - Gloucestershire: The Story of Successful Endeavour in the Task of Reconstruction Anno Domini 1920
19518: - The New Zealand Book of the Coronation [Cover title: "New Zealand Official Souvenir Programme of the Coronation of His Majesty King George VI - May 12th 1937"]
17008: [BIBLE] - The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues [Two volumes, complete]
19665: [BAKER, SAMUEL (ADAPTED FROM)] - Cast Up By the Sea
16803: - Cabaret Queens Quarterly. Spring, 1967. Vol. 13.
18673: [PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS] - [Two Photograph Albums - Cruise of the Ketch 'Waterlily' in Fiordland, New Zealand 1926]
16515: - Nga Tupuna o Te Whanganui-a-Tara
13506: [VARIOUS; CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE CAPTAIN ROBERT FITZ-ROY; GEORGE WALLIN] - Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London. Volume the Twentieth. 1851. Part II.
13507: [MAORI BIBLE - NEW TESTAMENT] - Ko Te Kawenata Hou O to Tatou Ariki Te Kai Wakaora a Ihu Karaiti
14049: - The Moving Image: A Bulletin for Schools (F)
17888: [REED, A. H.] - Books by A. H. Reed: A Complete List of Books Written or Edited by A. H. Reed, Founder of A. H. & A. W. Reed
16367: - Cabaret Queens Quarterly. Winter, 1969. Vol. 20.
13557: - Kaikorai Valley High School Opening Ceremony Thursday 20 November 1958 at 2.30 p.m.
15912: [MAORI DICTIONARY] - Tirohia Kimihia: A Maori Learner Dictionary
19639: - South Asia Research - Vol. 14 No. 2 Autumn 1994
19218: [NEW ZEALAND COMPANY] - [Documents Appended to the Twelfth Report of the Directors of the New Zealand Company, April 26, 1844] [also known as "Appendices to the Twelfth Report of the Directors of the New Zealand Company, April 26, 1844"]
15213: [SCOTLAND, FREE CHURCH OF] - The Confession of Faith; The Larger and Shorter Catechisms, with the Scripture-Proofs at Large: Together with The Sum of Saving Knowledge [. . .]
15215: [SALISBURY] - Notes on the Cathedral Church of St. Mary the Blessed Virgin Salisbury (Founded, April 28, 1220). Prepared, at the request of the Cathedral Chapter, June, 1920
19528: - Mr. Churchill in Norway
16176: [CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION / SOCIETY OF CANTERBURY COLONISTS; E. B. WARD, HON. SEC.] - Canterbury Colonists' Rooms, Adelphi Terrace, June 24, 1850. Sir, The time being close at hand [. . .] [No title. Printed letter to members of the Society of Canterbury Colonists]
18381: "B. B." [DENYS WATKINS-PITCHFORD] - Bill Badger's Big Mistake
18684: - Caltex Road Map South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) New Zealand
15639: [TAIAROA HEAD] - Taiaroa Head Reserves Resource Inventory
18930: - Panjabi-English Dictionary
17295: [VARIOUS EDITORS] - Cinema [Magazine, 6 issues]
16262: - Peugeot 403 Instruction Book
16059: - Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939-45 [Two volumes]
19662: [ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY (ADAPTED FROM)] - Little Women
19663: [HUTCHINSON, JAMES DOUGLAS (CHAIRMAN)] - Report of Commission to Inquire into The Proposal to Raise the Level of Lake Manapouri for the Purpose of Generating Electricity
16365: - Go Naked. No. 2.
15624: [OTAGO MUSEUM; RICHARD CASSELS (DIRECTOR)] - Otago Museum 1971-1988: Review and Annual Report
15514: [VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS, INCLUDING WILLIAM WAKEFIELD; ROBERT FITZROY; WILLIAM FOX] - Supplement to the Eighteenth Report of the Directors of the New Zealand Company; being Recent Information received from the Colony on the 9th and 10th June, 1845
16418: - Extra Assets. No. 5. Fall 1977.
17896: - The Tutorial Latin Reader. A Graduated Series of Extracts for Practice in Translation at Sight
17898: [OAMARU SOUTH SCHOOL] - Oamaru South School - Jubilee Souvenir of 50 Years' Progress. 13th May 1877. 15th May 1927.
19602: - Rothesay
19368: [WISE, HENRY] - Wise's Dunedin Directory for 1868, Including Port Chalmers and Suburban Districts of Dunedin. Fourth Year.
19421: [ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS] - Alcoholics Anonymous - The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism
4864: AASIMOV, ISAAC - An Isaac Asimov Omnibus: Foundation - Foundation and Empire - Second Foundation
13176: ABBOTT, EDWIN A. (REV.) & J. R. SEELEY - English Lessons for English People
13606: D'ABERNON, VISCOUNT - The Economic Crisis: Its Causes and the Cure
17152: ACHESON, FRANK O. V. - Plume of the Arawas
14314: ACKERNECHT, ERWIN H. - Medicine at the Paris Hospital 1794-1848
7116: ACLAND, L.G.D. - The Early Canterbury Runs
8996: ACLAND, L.G.D. - The Early Canterbury Runs
12796: ACLAND, L.G.D. - The Early Canterbury Runs [Revised and enlarged edition] Containing the First, Second and Third (new) Series
15324: ACTON, R. [RICHARD] - Our Colonial Empire
12841: ADAIR, JOHN - Training for Communication
13607: ADAM, THOMAS (REV.) [1701-1784] - Private Thoughts on Religion, and other subjects connected with it. Extracted from the Diary of the Rev. Thomas Adam, Late Rector of Wintringham.
9663: ADAM, PATRICK - Letters To The TEG
17500: ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT - Wrecked Lives; or, Men Who Have Failed. Second Series.
001649: ADAMS, C. WARREN - A Spring in the Canterbury Settlement
001507: ADAMS, C. WARREN - A Spring in the Canterbury Settlement
7755: ADAMS, ROBERT NOBLE - The Counterfeit Seal: A Tale of Otago's First Settlers
001595: ADAMS, ROBERT NOBLE - The Counterfeit Seal: a Tale of Otago's First Settlers
15672: ADAMS, GEOFFREY T. - Wilsonia: The Story of Robert Wilson and the Merchant Firm of R. Wilson & CO. Ltd. which he founded one hundred years ago
12795: ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT - Life in the Primeval World: Founded on Meunier's "Les Animaux D'Autrefois."
15627: ADAMS, ROBERT NOBLE - The Counterfeit Seal: a Tale of Otago's First Settlers
8912: ADAMSKI, GEORGE - Inside The Space Ships
16910: ADCOCK, IRENE - A Goodly Heritage: Eketahuna and Districts 100 Years 1873-1973
6320: ADDAMS, CHAS; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY WOLCOTT GIBBS - Addams and Evil: An Album of Cartoons
10203: ADDISON, JOSEPH (RIGHT HON.) - The Evidences Of The Christian Religion, With Additional Discourses On The Following Subjects
003629: ADELER, MAX - An Old Fogey and Other Stories
002526: NORTHERN ADVOCATE - Treaty of Waitangi
15196: ADYE, JOHN (MAJOR-GENERAL SIR) - Napoleon of the Snows
17630: MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - New Zealand Foreign Policy - Statements and Documents - 1943-1957
11655: AGAR-HAMILTON, J. A. I. - South Africa
000729: AGATE, JAMES - Responsibility. a Novel
18336: AHLUWALIA, H. P. S. (MAJOR) - Higher Than Everest: Memoirs of a Mountaineer.
15193: AHO, JUHANI - Squire Hellman and Other Stories
15950: AHO, ALFRED V. & JEFFREY D. ULLMAN - The Theory of Parsing, Translation, and Compiling. Volume II: Compiling
19365: AIKIN, J. & MRS. BARBAULD - Evenings at Home; or, The Juvenile Budget Opened: Consisting of A Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons. [Volumes IV, V and VI only of six volumes.]
19622: AIMER, PETER & BRIAN DAVIS (EDITORS) - Auckland University Tramping Club - Jubilee History 1932-1982
5421: AINSWORTH, W. HARRISON - Windsor Castle: An Historical Romance
002384: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON - Ovingdean Grange: a Tale of the South Downs
15222: AIRY, G. B. (SIR) - Notes on the Earlier Hebrew Scriptures
15670: AIRY, REGINALD - Westminster
4013: AITKEN, W. FRANCIS - Greatheart Lincoln: The Martyr President
17691: AKRAM-LODHI, A. HAROON (ED.) - Confronting Fiji Futures
7689: ALBA, L ET AL. - Naked Joy
5859: ALBEE, GEORGE SUMNER - By The Sea, By The Sea ...
5581: ALCOCK, A. - Catalogue of the Indian Decapod Crustacea in the Collection of the Indian Museum. Part III. Macrura. Fasciculus I. The Prawns of the Peneus Group.
17099: ALCOTT, L. M. - Little Women: A Story for Girls
002385: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Jimmy's Cruise in the "Pinafore, " & C
4740: ALDER, GARRY - Beyond Bokhara: The Life of William Moorcroft Asian Explorer and Pioneer Veterinary Surgeon 1767-1825
001841: ALDERSON, A. D. & FAHIR IZ - The Concise Oxford Turkish Dictionary
4514: ALDIN, CECIL - Cathedrals and Abbey Churches of England
5912: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - The Brightfount Diaries
17499: ALDRIDGE, JAMES - Undersea Hunting for Inexperienced Englishmen
10024: ALEXANDER, JAMES EDW. (SIR) - Bush Fighting. Illustrated By Remarkable Actions And Incidents Of The Maori War In New Zealand
6834: ALEXANDER, A. - Physical Training At Home
14706: ALEXANDER, H. M. (MAJOR, S. & T. CORPS, INDIAN ARMY) - On Two Fronts: Being the Adventures of an Indian Mule Corps in France and Gallipoli
8009: ALEXANDER, JAMES E. - Incidents Of The Maori War New Zealand In 1860-61
9382: ALEXANDER, JAMES E. - Incidents Of The Maori War. New Zealand. In 1860-61
001336: ALEXANDER, JAMES EDW. (MAJOR-GENERAL SIR) - Bush Fighting. Illustrated by Remarkable Actions and Incidents of the Maori War in New Zealand
10656: ALEXANDER, LLOYD - The High King
16987: ALEXANDER, BRUCE & LARRY WORDSWORTH - One Hundred Fathoms Square: Our Involvement in the Cadastral Survey of the Kingdom of Tonga, and experiencing the Tongan way of life in the 1950s
19048: ALEXANDER, JAMES EDW. (MAJOR-GENERAL SIR) - Bush Fighting. Illustrated by Remarkable Actions and Incidents of the Maori War in New Zealand
7417: ALFORD, HENRY S. L. AND W. DENNISTOUN SWORD - The Egyptian Soudan Its Loss And Recovery
9119: 'ALI AL-HASHIMI, MUHAMMAD (DR.) - The Ideal Muslimah
5679: ALKEN, HENRY - The National Sports of Great Britain
19072: ALLAN, BRIAN J. - The Dark Messiah - Magick, Gnosis and Religion
002857: ALLAN, VIVIENNE (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - A New Way of Living: the History of the Spinal Injuries Unit in Christchurch
5776: ALLAN, R. S. - Studies on the Recent and Tertiary Brachiopoda of Australian and New Zealand Part I. [+ 9 others]
7414: ALLAN, C. WILFRID - Our Entry Into Hunan
17634: ALLDRITT, CHARLES - Tree Worship with Incidental Myths and Legends
7161: ALLEN, CECIL J - My Railway Book: The Wonderful Railway Engineering Progress Of One Hundred Years, Illustrated And Described For Children
15630: ALLEN, C. R. - Sonnets and Studies: Essays in Biography and Autobiography
14654: ALLEN, GRANT; REVISED AND SLIGHTLY ABRIDGED BY FRANKLIN T. RICHARDS - The Evolution of the Idea of God: An Inquiry into the Origins of Religions
5742: ALLEN, AUDREY AND HAROLD ALLEN - Do Shrimps Make Good Mothers?
7080: ALLEN, RALPH - Native Plants of Dunedin and its Environs
9478: ALLEN, J. T. - Face Values
9735: ALLEN, RICHARD - Boot Boys
9736: ALLEN, RICHARD - Trouble for Skinhead
15181: ALLEN, WILLIAM (1770-1843) - Life of William Allen, with Selections from his Correspondence. In Three Volumes.
4884: ALLEY, REWI - Winds of Change
4885: ALLEY, REWI - Twenty-Five Poems of Protest
4887: ALLEY, REWI - Today & Tomorrow: Poems by Rewi Alley
4952: ALLEY, REWI - Fruition: The Story of George Alwin Hogg
12562: ALLEY, JEROME (REV.) - Vindiciae Christianae: or, A Comparison of the Genius, Temper, and Influence of the Greek, Roman, Hindu, and Mahometan Religions, contrasted with Christianity; Shewing, from the defects of the former - the necessity of an inspired revelation: and, from the nature and excellency of the latter - the reality and certainty of its accomplishment.
5585: ALLIED GEOGRAPHICAL SECTION, SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA - An Annotated Bibliography of the Southwest Pacific and Adjacent Areas. Volume III: Malaya, Thailand, Indo China, the China Coast and the Japanese Empire. 8th August, 1944.
17666: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Dance of the Years
17464: ALPERS, O. T. J. (ED.) - The Jubilee Book of Canterbury Rhymes
4109: ALPERS, O. T. J. (ED.) - College Rhymes: An Anthology of Verse written by Members of Canterbury College 1873 - 1923
4110: ALPERS, O. T. J. (ED.) - The Jubilee Book of Canterbury Rhymes
16308: ALPERS, O. T. J. - Cheerful Yesterdays
11538: ALPERS, O. T. J. (ED.) - College Rhymes: An Anthology of Verse written by Members of Canterbury College 1873 - 1923
15389: M'ALPINE, NEIL - A Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary: To Which is Prefixed A Concise but Most Comprehensive Gaelic Grammar
12592: D'ALVIELLA, GOBLET (COUNT) - Lectures on the Origin and Growth of the Conception of God as illustrated by Anthropology and History
17267: A YOUNG AMERICAN [ SLIDELL-MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER] - A Year in Spain. In Two Volumes.
18143: AMESS, JAMES - Tom Fincham: The Boy Who Sailed with Flinders and Bass
8193: AMIS, KINGSLEY - A Case Of Samples Poems 1946 - 1956
19282: ANBUREY, THOMAS; EDITED BY SYDNEY JACKSON - With Burgoyne from Quebec - An Account of the Life at Quebec and of the Famous Vattle of Saratoga - First Published as Volume One of 'Travels Through the Interior Parts of North America' by Thomas Anburey
11632: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Maori Music with its Polynesian Background
14711: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - An Introduction to Maori Music / Maori Music
19571: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Place-Names of Banks Peninsula: A Topographical History
12359: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - New Zealand Tales And Translations From The Danish
000456: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
002964: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Ugly Duckling
003176: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. ; EDITED BY "SHIBLI BAGARAG" (PAT LAWLOR) ] - White's Ancient History of the Maori [Series Title: N. Z. Collectors' Monographs. No. 1]
4202: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - The Tui-Cymbalist and Other Verses
4726: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Place-names in New Zealand: Rules of Nomenclature and List of Names Approved, or Changed, or Expunged
5682: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Jubilee History of South Canterbury
6520: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Maori Tales
9004: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Polynesian Literature Maori Poetry (Waiata and Tangi)
001292: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Jubilee History of South Canterbury
002327: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Maori String Figures (Memoirs of the Board of Maori Ethnological Research, Vol. 2)
002552: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - The Tui-Cymbalist and Other Verses
10774: ANDERSEN, HANS - Stories from Hans Andersen with Illustrations by Edmund Dulac
11890: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES - The Lure of New Zealand Book Collecting
11192: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Myths & Legends of the Polynesians
8959: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - New Zealand Tales And Translations From The Danish
18481: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen
17284: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES - The Lure of New Zealand Book Collecting
17667: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C. - Maori Tales
17659: ANDERSON, ATHOLL - Te Puoho's Last Raid: The march from Golden Bay to Southland in 1836 and defeat at Tuturau
14370: ANDERSON, ROBERT MADS; CAPTAIN'S LOGS BY SHANE LUNDGREN - Antonovs over the Arctic: Flying to the North Pole in Russian Biplanes
14967: ANDERSON, ANNE & ALLAN WRIGHT - Little Folks Picture Story Book
000632: VAN-ANDERSON, HELEN - The Mystic Scroll: a Book of Revelation
003313: ANDERSON, WARWICK - To the Untouched Mountain: the New Zealand Conquest of Molamenqing, Tibet
6678: ANDERSON, WILLIAM - Practical Mercantile Correspondence: A Collection of Modern Letters of Business, with Notes Critical and Explanatory, and an Appendix containing a Dictionary of Commercial Technicalities, Pro Forma Invoices, [. . .]
7512: ANDERSON, ANNE - The Patsy Book Being The Adventures Of Patsy, Patty and Pat
8245: ANDERSON, E. M - Golden Jubilee History 1923 - 1973 The New Zealand Society Of Physiotherapists
15615: ANDERSON, JOHN & SIDNEY WEBB - The Church Portrait Journal. [bound volume of 22 issues]
16636: ANDERSON, OLIVER - Ripe for the Plucking
11571: ANDERSON, PETER N. - Mustangs of the RAAF and RNZAF
11813: ANDERSON, CHARLES (ED.) - Records of the Australian Museum. Vol. XX, No. 2
19362: ANDERSON, J. R. L. - Death in the Thames
9636: ANDERSSON, J. GUNNER - Children Of The Yellow Earth Studies In Prehistoric China
9691: ANDES, LOUIS EDGAR; TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY CHARLES SALTER - Iron Corrosion: Anti-Fouling and Anti-Corrosive Paints
13553: ANDRE, GEORGE G. - A Practical Treatise on Coal Mining [two volumes]
13814: ANDREW, MAURICE; PETER MATHESON; SIMON RAE (EDS.) - Religious Studies in Dialogue - Essays in Honour of Albert C. Moore
11306: ANDREWS, ISOBEL - Something to Tell
12178: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - Modern Merry Men. Authors in the Lighter Vein in the Victorian Era
003544: ANDREWS, MARION - A Loyal Heart. a Tale of the Cornish Coast
5147: ANDREWS, O.W (SURGEON CAPTAIN) - Seamarks and Landmarks: being Leaves From the Log of Surgeon Captain O.W. Andrews.
16829: ANDREWS, S. G. - Go Forth to Serve: A Biography of W. E. Donnelly
16419: ANDREWS, JOHN (ED.) - T & T. Vol. 1, No. 1.
001825: ANGAS, G. F. - Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand
11349: ANGELL, NORMAN - The Great Illusion: A Study of the Relation of Military Power in Nations to their Economic and Social Advantage
9895: ANGELOV, VALENTIN - Bulgarian Church Woodcarving 14th - 19th Century
7634: ANGELUCCI, ORFEO - The Secret Of The Saucers
6421: ANGUS, JANET C. - By Degrees: The History of the Otago Branch of the New Zealand Federation of University Women 1921-1983
6633: ANGUS, JOHN H. - Papermaking Pioneers: A History of New Zealand Paper Mills Limited and its Predecessors
10264: ANGUS, JOHN H. - Donald Reid Otago Farmers Limited: The Centennial History 1878-1978
002732: ANNETT, EDWARD A. - William Carey: Pioneer Missionary to India
12818: ANSTED, D. T. (PROFESSOR) - Scenery, Science and Art: being Extracts from the Note-Book of a Geologist and Mining Engineer
8327: ANTHONY, PIERS - Var The Stick
17058: APLIN, JEANETTE - The Lighthouse Children's Mother
17460: APLIN, JEANETTE - The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife: An Autobiography
11736: APPLETON, T. G. - A Nile Journal
12506: APTER, DAVID E. (ED.) - Ideology and Discontent
17862: ARBUCKLE, G. [GERALD] - The Maori and the Church: A Survey of the Marist Maori Mission in the Archdiocese of Wellington
15316: ARBUCKLE, GERALD A. - Dealing With Bullies: A Gospel Response to the Social Disease of Adult Bullying
16406: ARD, WILLIAM - The Perfect Frame
002962: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Paul the Hero of the Fire
8902: ARGLES, NAPOLEON - A Treatise Upon French Mercantile Law And The Practice Of The Courts
9650: ARMBRUSTER, D. A - Competitive Swimming & Diving
16947: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS (ED.) - Motor Cyclist Illustrated incorporating Mopeds & Scotters - March, 1958 - Vol. 1. No. 2
12908: ARMSTRONG, ANNIE E. - My Ladies Three
13430: ARMSTRONG, ISOBEL & JOSEPH BRISTOW, WITH CATH SHARROCK (EDS.) - Nineteenth-Century Women Poets: An Oxford Anthology

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