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023089: - Te Tau Ihu O Te Waka a History of Maori in Nelson and Marlborough Volume 2 Te Ara Hou the New Society
000504: - The Oxford-Duden Pictorial English-Japanese Dictionary
002218: - Index to the Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute Vols 1-63
002221: - New Zealand Forests and the War of 1939-45 : Prepared for the Empire Forestry Conference, London, 1947
002525: - Stretching the Meat Ration in New Zealand. 150 Substantial Meals from Cheap Cuts - Unrationed Meats and Satisfying Substitutes. Also Recipes to Save Sugar, Butter & Eggs
002390: - The Silent Migration: Ngati Poneke Young Maori Club 1937-1948
002429: - Service Manual Jaguar Xj6 Series 1 2. 8 Litre & 4. 2 Litre
002438: - Shortland Street : Celebrating 15 Years, 1992-2007
002479: - Hui Whakamahara Ki a Maui Pomare Manukorihi Pa, Hune 23-27 1936. Souvenir of Pomare Memorial Meeting
002480: - The Knee of Listening. The Early Life and Radical Spiritual Teachings of Bubba Free John
001877: - Toyota Hi-Lux 4wd 4 Runner: Diesel Engines: 1981-1988: Service and Repair Manual
002555: - A Guide to Pitcairn. 3rd Edition.
000357: - Margot Philips - Her Own World
001985: - Fortunes from Eggs. Being a Collection of Actual Results Obtained by the Leading Poultry Breeders, and the Most Wide Awake Poultry Keepers.
001995: - New Zealand Forestry.
001224: - Marks of New Zealand Potters. A Comprehensive Directory.
002344: - He Matapuna a Source. Some Maori Perspectives
001949: - Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor
001832: - Aircraft Recognition: Silhouettes and Descriptions : U.S. A.
000232: - Women of Westland and Their Families Vol III
001518: - See My Brightness Face to Face: A Celebration of the Ruchira Buddha,Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and the First 25 Years of His Divine Revelation Work.
002310: - St Andrew's Cookery Book
000708: - International Press Who's Who, N.Z. , 1936. Biographical Sketches and Photos of Representative Commercial, Professional, Financial, Pastoral and Business Men.
000722: - Trinity Jubilee Fancy Fare Cookery Book
000894: - Emily's Garden. The Colonial New Zealand Garden of a Suffolk Lady
002315: - Ko Etahi Himene Me Etahi Ritenga Katorika
002330: - Raetihi Centennial 1893-1993
002416: - The Triumphant Tour of the All Blacks in England, Ireland and Wales 1924-1925. An Interesting Account of All Matches Played; English Comments and Criticism; Photographs of Team and Players; Welsh Memories of 1905; with a History of the Game in New Zealand
001396: - Kaitake Rugby Football Club Centennial, 1894 - 1994: 100 Years of Rugby
001731: - Hillman & Commer Express Delivery Van Marks VI & VII Workshop Manual
001752: - Bruce Weber
001777: - Father to Son Tradition in Wine Making
002393: - The Family of James and Emma Laird
002394: - With the All Blacks in Springbokland
001242: - Russia the Land of the Great White Czar
001472: - 100 Years of Taranaki Rugby 1885 - 1985
001473: - 75 Years of Rugby in Taranaki, 1885-1960.
002283: - Hunterville Branch R.S. A. Cookery Book
000570: - Settler and Migrant Peoples of New Zealand
000990: - A Pictorial History of Moe and District.
001587: - Universal Business Directory. Wellington Provincial Covering Palmerston North, Wahganui and the Remaining Towns and Villages of the Province in Alphabetical Order.
002471: - Melis Van Der Sluis - Ceramic Artist - Potter
002282: - Wise's New Zealand Post Office Directory 1957. Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Taranaki
001640: - Maori Tribes of New Zealand
005120: SUE ABEL - Shaping the News: Waitangi Day on Television
000203: ABERNATHY, MILES - The Ride of the Abernathy Boys
000046: DAVID ABRAHAM - Abraham and His Seed Forever: The Life and Times of Lionel Augustus Abraham and Constance Palgrave Abraham 1863 - 1942.
002169: KEN ACHARD - The History and Development of the American Guitar
000205: FRANK O V ACHESON - Plume of the Arawas
001823: PETER ACKROYD - London: The Biography
002427: YVETTE ADAM - More Than Meets the Eye: A True Story Based on the Life and Times of the Best Blind Wrestler the World Has Ever Seen.
000950: BRUCE ADAMS - Rust in Peace. South Pacific Pacific Battlegrounds Revisited.
001629: BRUCE ADAMS - Rust in Peace. South Pacific Pacific Battlegrounds Revisited.
001505: FLEUR ADCOCK. - Tigers
002217: HILARY AIKMAN AND COLIN MISKELLY - Birds of the Chatham Islands
001862: BORIS AKUNIN - The Winter Queen. An Erast Fandorin Mystery
001567: NOELINE ALCORN - To the Fullest Extent of His Powers : C.E. Beeby's Life in Education
000723: RON ALEXANDER. - Wanganui Corporation Tramways 1908-1950. A Short History and Pictorial Record.
001426: ELIZABETH C ALLEN - In the Hills of the Waimarino the Human Story of the Development of the District
002179: SELECTED AND EDITED BY ELIZABETH ALLEY - The Inward Sun : Celebrating the Life and Work of Janet Frame.
000855: LAURINDO ALMEIDA - Laurindo Almeida - Brazilian Reflections. Music for Guitar and Voice.
001751: MARTIN AMIS - The Information
002460: DA LOVE-ANANDA, DA AVABHASA - Da Love-Ananda, Da Avabhasa
000394: JOHANNES C. ANDERSEN - Old Christchurch in Picture and Story
002000: BARBARA ANDERSON - Getting There: An Autobiography
001968: DR A.F. ANDERSON AND G.E.S ROBBINS - New Incubation Book
001487: MONA ANDERSON. - The Water Joey. A Nostalgic Look at the Old Wheat Mills of Canterbury and the Men and Women Who Served Them.
000059: HAROLD J. ANDERSON - Unique Kaikoura
001597: WARWICK ANDERSON - To the Untouched Mountain. The New Zealand Conquest of Molamenqing, Tibet
001956: CHRISTOPHER ANDREW AND VASILI MITROKHIN - The Mitrokhin Archive : The Kgb in Europe and the West
001957: CHRISTOPHER ANDREW AND VASILI MITROKHIN - The Mitrokhin Archive II : The Kgb and the World
000192: ISOBEL ANDREWS - Something to Tell
001427: BERNARD ANNABELL - Ngamatapouri: An Account of the Early Settlers of the Upper Waitotara Valley.
000028: REBECCA ANSELL AND JOHN TABER - Caught in the Crunch. Earthquakes and Volcaneos in New Zealand.
001164: BRUCE ANSLEY - A Fabled Land: Mesopotamia Station
001478: JEANETTE APLIN - The Price of Bacon
001992: ANDRIS APSE - New Zealand Landscapes
001993: ANDRIS APSE - Andris Apse: Odyssey & Images. An Illustrated Biography
000082: DON ARMITAGE ///(DEDITOR///) - Great Barrier Island
001324: PEGGY ARMSTRONG AND DENISE JACKSON. - Toys of Early New Zealand.
002346: WRITTEN AND COMPILED FOR THE NEW ZEALAND DEERSTALKERS///' ASSOCIATION - The Wapiti and the Moose. New Zealand Big Game Records Series Volume Two
001320: J.D. ATKINSON - Dsir's First Fifty Years
000437: NEIL ATKINSON - Crew Culture. New Zealand Seafarers Under Sail and Steam.
000631: EDITED BY NEILL ATKINSON - Hell or High Water: New Zealand Merchant Seafarers Remember the War
001295: JACQUES ATTOUT - Men of Pierre Saint-Martin
001807: RON AUSTIN - The Courtneys. A Victorian Military Family.
000716: TIM AUSTIN. - Our Australian Kelpie
001519: DA AVABHASA. ///(ADI DA SAMRAJ///) - Easy Death Spiritual Discourses and Essays on the Inherent and Ultimate Transcendence of Death and Everything Else.
000715: EDITED BY E. AXFORD. - Australia Arms. The Story of Australia's Armament Achievement.
000451: S. NORTHCOTE-BADE. - Colonial Furniture in New Zealand.
002322: EDITED BY A. G. BAGNALL - New Zealand National Bibliography to the Year 1960
000571: F.M. BAILEY - China - Tibet - Assam. A Journey, 1911.
001390: PAUL BAKER - King and Country Call: New Zealanders, Conscription and the Great War
001549: RICHARD ST. BARBE BAKER - Famous Trees of New Zealand
001240: SIDNEY J.BAKER - New Zealand Slang: A Dictionary of Colloquialisms. The First Comprehensive Survey Yet Made of Indigenous English Speech in This Country from the Argot of Whaling Days to Children's Slang in the Twentieth Century.
000493: HERETAUNGA PAT BAKER. - The Strongest God.
000011: W.D. BAKER - Dare to Win. The Story of the New Zealand Special Air Service
000555: COMPILED BY RICK BAKER AND TOBY RUSSELL. EDITED BY LISA BAKER - The Essential Guide to Deadly China Dolls
000849: MURRAY BAL - Footrot Flats 17
001026: DAVID BALDERSTON - The Waiheke Ferries of Auckland
001027: DAVID BALDERSTON - The Harbour Ferries of Auckland
000851: MURRAY BALL - Footrot Flats Collector's Edition. Based on Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4.
001756: MURRAY BALL - Footrot Flats Collector's Edition 3.
000585: MURRAY BALL - Footrot Flats 23
001690: MURRAY BALL - Footrot Flats Weekender No 6
000090: DAVID BALLANTYNE - And the Glory
000967: REINHOLD BANE AND JON SCOVILLE - Sound Designs: A Handbook of Musical Instrument Building
001840: IAIN BANKS - Crow Road
001068: JOHN BANVILLE - The Untouchable
000163: LAURIE BARBER AND JOHN TONKIN-COVELL - Freyberg. Churchill's Salamander
000067: L.H. BARBER - The View from Pirongia: The History of Waipa County
000086: JAMES BARCLAY AND KEITH ALEXANDER - The Aberdeen-Angus Breed: A History
002204: C. M. BARKER - Cicely Barker's Flowers Fairy Picture Book. A Selection of Forty Pictures Showing Flower Fairies of the Garden and Wayside and of Spring Summer, and Autumn.
001872: DAVID BARKER - Antarctica : An Artist's Logbook.
001235: CLIVE BARLOW - Tikanga Whakaaro: Key Concepts in Maori Culture
001749: H. CLIVE BARNARD - How Other People Live.
000734: JIM AND MARRY BARR - Philip Clairmont
002543: GEORGE BARRINGTON - An Account of a Voyage to New South Wales by George Barrington, Superintendant of the Convicts to Which Is Prefixed a Detail of His Life, Trials, Speeches, &C. &C. Enriched with Beautiful Colour'd Prints.
001398: TERENCE BARROW - Maori Art of New Zealand
001272: HENRY W BATES - The Naturalist on the River Amazons. A Record of Adventures, Habits of Animals, Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspects of Nature Under the Equator.
001183: ARTHUR P. BATES - A Wanganui Photo Album. Pages from the Past.
002392: ARTHUR P. BATES. - The Bridge to Nowhere. The ILL-Fated Mangapurua Settlement.
000538: ARTHUR P BATES. - A Pictorial History of the Wanganui River
001636: ARTHUR P BATES. - A Pictorial History of the Wanganui River
000311: REX BATTARBEE - Modern Australian Aboriginal Art.
002396: B.E. BAUGHAN - Uncanny Country. The Thermal District of New Zealand
001894: PATRICIA BAWDEN - The Years Before Waitangi : A Story of Early Maori/European Contact in New Zealand.
001936: NINA BAWDEN - The Peppermint Pig
001905: JAMES K. BAXTER - Horse
000270: JAMES K BAXTER - The Labyrinth
002308: JAMES K. BAXTER - The Holy Life and Death of Concrete Grady. Various Uncollected and Unpublished Poems.
000810: R. CHILD BAYLEY - The Complete Photographer
002234: HELEN BEAGLEHOLE - Always the Sound of the Sea. The Daily Lives of New Zealand's Lighthouse Keepers
005119: HELEN BEAGLEHOLE - Lighting the Coast. A History of New Zealand's Coastal Lighthouse System
001973: MARGARET BEAMES - The Parkhurst Boys
001338: PETER BEATSON - The Healing Tongue: Themes in Contemporary Maori Literature
002432: HERRIES BEATTIE - Mackenzie of the Mackenzie Country: Pioneer-Explorer-Sheeplifter: Story of a Remarkable Man
001480: ANNIE BEAUCHAMP - Victorian Voyage. The Shipboard Diary of Katherine Mansfield's Mother March to May, 1898.
002450: LISA BEAVEN AND GRANT BANBURY - Landmarks: The Landscape Paintings of Doris Lusk
002253: RICHARD BECHT - Champions of Speed: A Celebration of Bruce Mclaren. Denny Hulme. Chris Amon
000150: LILLIAN BECKWITH - The Small Party
000149: LILLIAN BECKWORTH - Lightly Poached
001192: ANTONY BEEVOR - D-Day: The Battle for Normandy
000326: A. CHARLES BEGG & NEIL C. BEGG - The World of John Boultbee Including an Account of Sealing in Australia and New Zealand
002512: EDITED BY RACHAEL BELL, MARGARET KAWHARU, KERRY TAYLOR, MICHAEL BELGRAVE & PETER MEIHANA - The Treaty on the Ground. Where We Are Headed, and Why It Matters
000909: ALAN BELLAMY AND BOB STOTT - Twilight of Trams
000964: ARRANGED BY PAOLO BELLINATI - Antonio Carlos Jobim for Classical Guitar
001177: PETER BELLWOOD - Man's Conquest of the Pacific. The Prehistory of Southeast Asia and Oceania.
002198: C. H. BENNETTS - Spy: A Former Sis Officer Unmasks New Zealand's Sensational Cold War Spy Affair
002029: TREVOR BENTLEY - Cannibal Jack. The Life and Times of Jackie Marmon, a Pakeha Maori.
000100: GEOFFREY BENTLEY AND MAURICE CONLY - Portrait of an Air Force. The Royal New Zealand Air Force 1937-1987
001380: ERNEST BERRY AND GRAEME MATTHEWS - A Raindrop, a Flowing River: Photos and Haiku Poetry
000385: JOHN BERRY - A Man's Tall Dream: The Story of Eastwoodhill
002278: ELSDON BEST - Maori Storehouses and Kindred Structures. Houses, Platforms, Racks, and Pits Used for Storing Food Etc
001400: ELSDON BEST - Spiritual and Mental Concepts of the Maori
001378: WILLIAM BETHAM - The Baronetage of England, or the History of the English Baronets, and Such Baronets of Scotland As Are of English Families, with Genealogical Tables and Engravings of Their Armorial Bearings.
001843: JOHN BETJEMAN - Trains and Buttered Toast
001405: MARTIN VAN BEYNEN - Trapped: Remarkable Stories of Survival from the 2011 Canterbury Earthquake
000820: PETER BIDWELL - Reflections of Gold. A Celebration of New Zealand Rowing.
000554: PETER BIDWELL - V8 Kiwis: New Zealanders Making It Big in Touring Cars
002124: RICHARD KATZ, MEGAN BIESELE & VERNA ST DENIS - Healing Makes Our Heart Happy: Spirituality and Transformation Among the Juhoansi of the Kalahari
001809: MOLLY BIHET - A Time for Memories
001178: HARRY BIOLETTI - The Yanks Are Coming. The American Invasion of New Zealand, 1942-1944.
001899: ANTHONY BIRLEY. - The African Emperor: Septimius Severus
001671: M. C. BISHOP - Handbook to Roman Legionary Fortresses
001978: DONOVAN BIXLEY - Faithfully Mozart. The Fantastical World of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
002472: MARK BLAKE - Freddie Mercury: A Kind of Magic
002173: JAMES BLISH - Black Easter or, Faust Aleph-Null
002006: ANNE AND LES BLOXHAM - The Jet Boat the Making of a New Zealand Legend
000546: DOREEN BLUMHARDT AND BRIAN BRAKE - Craft New Zealand: The Art of the Craftsman
001578: EDITED BY SALLY BLUNDELL - Look This Way: New Zealand Writers on New Zealand Artists
001031: ENID BLYTON - Enid Blyton's Circus Book
001740: ENID BLYTON - Five Run Away Together
001747: ENID BLYTON - Down at the Farm with Enid Blyton
001212: ROBIN HYDE, GILLIAN BODDY AND JACUELINE MATTHEWS - Disputed Ground: Robin Hyde, Journalist.
001331: WILLIAM BOERICKE - Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory Comprising of the Characteristics and Guiding Symptoms of All Remedies (Clinical and Pahtogenetic) Including Indian Drugs
000996: A. H. BOGLE - Links in the Chain. Field Surveying in New Zealand
000023: EDMUND BOHAN - The House of Reed 1907-1983. Great Days in New Zealand Publishing
000841: CHRIS BONNINGTON AND ROBIN KNOX-JOHNSTON - Sea, Ice and Rock - Sailing and Climbing Above the Arctic Circle
000278: RICHARD BOOCK - Daniel Vettori: Turning Point
001767: RICH BORKOWSKI JR. - The Csx Keystone Subdivision : Operations on Today's Sand Patch Grade
000227: KLAUS BOSSELMANN - When Two Worlds Collide. Society and Ecology
001540: HILDA BOSWELL. - The Whimsical Piglet
001252: CHRIS BOURKE - Blue Smoke: The Lost Dawn of New Zealand Popular Music 1918-1964
001196: ROB BOWMAN - Soulsville, U.S. A. : The Story of Stax Records
001475: H. BOWMAN - Port Chalmers. Gateway to Otago
001557: HELEN DORE BOYLSTON - Sue Barton Rural Nurse.
001989: ARNOLD C. BRACKMAN - The Other Nuremberg, the Untold Story of the Tokyo War Crimes Trials
000052: A.G.S. BRADFIELD - The Precious Years
002091: MIKE BRADSTOCK - Between the Tides: New Zealand Shore and Estuary Life
000929: CYRIL R. BRADWELL - Fight the Good Fight. The Story of the Salvation Army in New Zealand 1883-1983 .
001341: CHARLES BRASCH - Disputed Ground
000539: AUSTIN BRASELL - Woodcarving for New Zealand. New Techniques and Materials
000652: JOHN BREEN - River of Blood: Tales of the Waiatoto
002077: JOHN BREEN - Don't Look Down: Off-the-Map Enterprise in Unforgiving Places
001012: PATRICK O///'BRIAN - Post Captain
001810: ANTONY BRIDGES - Scapa Ferry.
001488: GREGORY O///'BRIEN - Afternoon of an Evening Train
000062: GREGORY O///'BRIEN - After Bathing at Baxter's: Essays and Notebooks
002123: RAYMOND BRIGGS - The Man
001574: JOYCE LANKESTER BRISLEY - Further Doings of Milly-Molly-Mandy
001575: JOYCE LANKESTER BRISLEY - More of Milly-Molly-Mandy
001093: JOYCE LANCASTER BRISLEY - Milly-Molly-Mandy Stories
001462: IAN BRODIE - A Journey Through New Zealand Film
001971: S.G. BROOKER & R.C. CAMBIE & & R.C.COOPER - New Zealand Medicinal Plants
001594: BROTHER, THOMAS, O.S.B. - The Porcelain of Brother Thomas: The Path to the Beautiful
001641: BY A.E. BROUGHTON AND A.W. REED. REVISED BY TIMOTI KARETU. - The Raupo Book of Maori Proverbs
002105: COLIN BROWN - The New Zealand Game Cookbook
002551: ILLUSTRATED & COMPILED BY NIGEL BROWN - Call Me Poet/Hunter. The Life and Work of R.F. Brown
005123: H. ROWLAND-BROWN - Butterflies and Moths at Home and Abroad.
001801: HAMISH BROWN - Wine Women & Song: A Spitfire Pilots Story
001718: LANNA BROWN AND A D MCKINNON - Captain Inches Campbell Walker : New Zealand's First Conservator of Forests.
001720: LANNA BROWN - The Forestry Era of Professor Thomas Kirk, F.L. S. , First Chief Conservator of State Forests, New Zealand.
001757: PIERS BROWNE - The Glorious Trees of Great Britain
001830: KEVIN BROWNLOW - David Lean: A Biography
002220: MARY GRANT BRUCE - The Cousin from Town
000196: ALAN BRUNTON - Comrade Savage
000195: ALAN BRUNTON - A Red Mole Sketchbook
002449: GEOFF BRYANT - Black Angus: 150 Years in New Zealand
002309: A. P BRYDSON - Some Records of Two Lakeland Townships (Blawith and Nibthwaite) Chiefly from Original Documents
001482: MARTIN BUCKLEY - Jaguar E-Type File 3. 8, 4. 2, V12.
001674: CAROL BUCKNELL - Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand
002224: P.C. BULL AND P.D. GAZE AND C.J.R. ROBERTSON - The Atlas of Bird Distribution in New Zealand
002057: JOHN F. BURGER - African Jungle Memories
000159: ANTHONY BURGESS - 1985
000489: PATRICIA BURNS. - Fatal Success - a History of the New Zealand Company.
000092: S.W. BURSTALL & E.V. SALE - Great Trees of New Zealand
000464: SUSANNA BURTON AND JACK LEIGH, - Susanna Burton's Parnell
000945: DAVID BURTON - Two Hundred Years of New Zealand Food & Cookery
001002: IAN BURUMA - Year Zero: A History of 1945
000654: GLENN BUSCH - The Man with No Arms & Other Stories
000803: GLENN BUSCH - You Are My Darling Zita
001502: RACHEL BUSH - The Hungry Woman
001697: STEVE BUSH - British Warships & Auxiliaries 1952
000295: ELIZABETH BUTLER - From Sketch-Book and Diary
000241: DICK BUTLER - This Valley in the Hills the Story of Maungatoroto, Brynderwyn, Bickerstaff, Batley, Marohemo, Whakapirau
001032: EDITED BY PETER BUTLER - Life and Times of Te Rauparaha by His Son Tamihana Te Rauparaha
000162: G.V. BUTTERWORTH AND S.H. BUTTERWORTH - The Maori Trustee
001828: DAVID BUXTON - Travels in Ethiopia.
000620: A S BYATT - On Histories and Stories: Selected Essays
000133: FLIGHT LIEUTENANT G. A. RUSSELL D.F.C. - Dying for Democracy
001922: PAUL CAFFYN - The Dreamtime Voyage Around Australia Kayak Odyssey
001414: PAUL CAFFYN - The Dreamtime Voyage Around Australia Kayak Odyssey
001816: W N CAMERON - Rimutaka Railway
001339: ROB CAMPBELL. - The Only Weapon: The History of the Wellington Drivers Union
001538: ALISTAIR CAMPBELL - The Dark Lord of Savaiki.
000281: FELICITY CAMPBELL - Making Waves Captain Jock Mcgregor - Shipmaster, Wanganui Pioneer
002215: PETER CAPE - New Zealand Painting Since 1960: A Study in Themes and Developments.
000218: PETER CAPE - Prints and Printmakers in New Zealand
002175: CAPT. F. W. HUTTON, F.R.S., AND JAMES DRUMMOND, F.L.S. - The Animals of New Zealand. An Account of the Dominion's Air-Breathing Vertebrates.
000934: PETER CAREY - War Crimes
002144: LES CARLYON - The Master: A Personal Portrait of Bart Cummings
001035: DULCE CARMAN - The Moon Witch. A Romance of Maoriland.
001373: MARGARET CARR - Policing in the Mountain Shadow. A History of the Taranaki Police.
000655: COMPILED BY BETTY CARSON - Boots & Bridles: 50 Years of New Zealand Pony Club
000372: RONALD CARTER - A Yachtsman's Memories of Long Ago
000815: JOE CARTMAN - Growing New Zealand Alpine Plants.
002005: JESSIE CASSON - Champions: New Zealand Winners
002168: E. M. CAUGHEY - Art New Zealand Today. Sixty Exhibiting New Zealand Artists.
000324: ANGELA CAUGHEY - An Auckland Network
000115: ANGELA CAUGHEY - Pioneer Families. The Settlers of Nineteenth-Century New Zealand
002345: YVONNE CAVE - Succulents for the Contemporary Garden
001868: TIM CHADWICK - Saloon Motorsport in New Zealand
000949: TIM CHADWICK - The Kiwi Trucker's Guide to Life
002019: TIM CHADWICK - Diggers, Dumpers and Dozers Big Machines in New Zealand
002478: NADA CHALDECOTT - Dhurries: History, Technique, Pattern, Identification
000507: JANE CHETWYND. - Cloud Farm; High on Banks Peninsula.
005126: LEE CHILD - Die Trying
000858: P. F. CHISHOLM - A Famine of Horses
001836: MELISSA CHIU AND VISHAKHA N. DESAI - Paradise Now? Contemporary Art from the Pacific
002255: IAN CHURCH. - The Stratford Inheritance. A History of Stratford and Whangamomona Counties
000548: GLYN CHURCH AND PAT GREENFIELD - Plant Icons of New Zealand
002295: GEOFFREY B. CHURCHMAN - New Zealand Lighthouses
001263: JACK CHURCHOUSE - Leonard Robertson the Whangaroa & la Bella.
005124: JOAN CLARK - By Boats We Live
002248: GERRY CLARK - The Totorore Voyage
001251: SIMON CLARK - The Puma's Claw
000876: EDITED BY LAURIE BARBER, GARRY CLAYTON AND JOHN TONKIN-COVELL - Sergeant, Sinner, Saint and Spy. The Taranaki War Diary of William Marjouram R.A.
002025: LES CLEVELAND - The Great New Zealand Songbook
001388: JEFF CLEW - J.A. P. The End of an Era
001514: MARTIN CLIFFORD ///( FRANK RICHARDS///) - Tom Merry & Co of St Jim's
000476: KEN COATES & HALINA OGONOWSKA-COATES - A Picture Book of Old Canterbury
002050: CHRISTOPHER COCHRAN - Restoring a New Zealand House
002111: L. COCKAYNE - New Zealand Plants and Their Story
000946: NIK COHN AND GUY PEELLAERT - 20th Century Dreams
001612: W. OWEN COLE AND PIARA SINGH SAMBHI - The Sikhs: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices
000098: GORDON COLLIER - Titoki Point
001283: BRAD COLLIS - Snowy. The Making of Modern Australia
001897: BRAD COLLIS - Snowy. The Making of Modern Australia
001490: EDITED BY DAVID COLQUHOUN - As If Running on Air. The Diaries and Journals of Jack Lovelock
002531: RONALD COMETTI AND JOHN MORTON - Margins of the Sea: Exploring New Zealands Coastline
002165: RONALD COMETTI - Little Barrier Island: New Zealand's Foremost Wildlife Sanctuary
002177: GEOFF CONLY - Tarawera: The Destruction of the Pink and White Terraces
001369: JOSEPH CONNOLLY - Collecting Modern First Editions
002387: FLANNERY O///'CONNOR - A Good Man Is Hard to Find
001774: TOM O///'CONNOR - Death of a Cruise Ship. The Mystery of the Mikhail Lermontov .
001062: LINDSAY M. CONSTABLE - Poet in Khaki
000130: PETER COOKE AND JOHN CRAWFORD - The Territorials. The History of the Territorials and Volunteer Forces of New Zealand
002001: DOROTHY COOPER - A Field Guide to New Zealand Native Orchids
001713: FRANK COOZE - Kiwis in the Pacific.
002035: SIR JULIAN S. CORBETT - Naval Operations: Vol II. History of the Great War Base on Official Documents
001536: JOHN COSTELLO & PAT FINNEGAN - Tapestry of Turf. The History of New Zealand Racing
001943: C. A. COTTON - Geomorphology, an Introduction to the Study of Landforms
000057: JOHN COULSON - Golden Harvest. Grass Seeding Days on Banks Peninsular
000186: SARAH AMELIA COURAGE - Lights and Shadows of Colonial Life
002201: VALERIE COWAN - Pigs and Me : Tales of the Bygone Bush
000336: VALERIE COWAN - Pigs and Me : Tales of the Bygone Bush
002397: JAMES COWAN - The Story of Pelorus Jack : The White Dolphin of French Pass, New Zealand : With Maori Legends
002402: JAMES COWAN - The Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. Its Topography, Geology, Alpine and Volcanic Features, History and Maori Folk-Lore
002361: JAMES COWAN - Tales of the Maori Coast
001589: VALERIE COWAN - Goodness Gracious Me. Pioneering Stories from Five Nzers
001080: GEOFFREY COX AND MALCOLM FRANCIS - Sharks and Rays of New Zealand.
001264: NIGEL COX - Phone Home Berlin: Collected Non-Fiction
002520: PETER COX - Desert War: The Battle of Sidi Rezegh
000093: E. W. G. CRAIG - Man of the Mist. A Biography of Elsdon Best
000365: JOHN CRAWFORD & GLYN HARPER - Operation East Timor. The New Zealand Defence Force in East Timor 1999-2001
000135: JOHN CRAWFORD - In the Field for Peace : New Zealand's Contribution to International Peace-Support Operations: 1950-1995
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000480: GILIAN PAINTER - A Herb Cookbook
002377: ALEX PALMAN - Aoraki Mount Cook a Guide for Mountaineers
001643: A N PALMER AND W W STEWART - Cavalcade of New Zealand Locomotives. An Historical Survey of the Railway Engine in New Zealand from 1863 to 1964.
001932: PAPAS - Freddy the Fell Engine
001239: MUNGO PARK - Travels in the Interior of Africa
001679: RUTH PARK - Nuki and the Sea Serpent : A Maori Story
002047: WESLEY PARKER - Over to You, Padre: A Pacific Padre Looks Back
001165: PATRICK PARSONS - In the Shadow of Te Waka. The History of the Te Pohue District
001415: RONALD PARSONS - Sail in the South. Great Days of Sail Around Australia and New Zealand
000077: JOHN PARSONS - A Taupo Season. A Bedside Book for Trout Fishermen
000687: JOHN PASCOE - Of Unknown New Zealand
001984: JOHN PASCOE - The Haast Is in South Westland
000569: JOHN PASCOE. - Unclimbed New Zealand. Alpine Travel in the Canterbury and Westland Ranges, Southern Alps.
000788: JOHN PASCOE. - The Mountains, the Bush and the Sea. A Photographic Report.
000015: JENNY PATRICK - Landings
001796: JENNY PATTRICK - Heartland
000557: CHRIS PAULIN AND CLIVE ROBERTS - The Rookpool Fishes of New Zealand
002530: PETER L PAYNE - The Hydro. A Study of the Development of the Major Hydro-Electric Schemes Undertaken by the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board
000158: ISABEL M. PEACOCKE - Cinderellas Suitors. A Novel
001149: G L PEARCE - The Pioneer Craftsmen of New Zealand
001150: NEVILLE PEAT - Snow Dogs: The Huskies of Antarctica
001314: NEVILLE PEAT - The Incredible Kiwi
001448: NEVILLE PEAT - Hurricane Tim: The Story of Sir Tim Wallis
001097: NEVILLE PEAT - Hurricane Tim: The Story of Sir Tim Wallis

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